Oculus rift Wire holder

much like 'the arm' addon for the cyberith virtualiser will the omni offer a way to hold the oculus rifts wire.

pictured below



  • I'd support this!

    We'll have to wait for CES.

    (It's not too much hassle to rig something similar up yourself, or run wires along the ceiling, but I think a lot of people will want something they can get out and use easily.)
  • yeah the obvious thing would be a ceiling mount, but some people do have tall ceilings and the oculus rift cable is short, imagine people having to get a ladder out each time to hook up the oculus rift wire to the ceiling! not good.

    surely it would not be too hard or expensive to drill a small hole in the omni, then put the same thing cyberith is using in that diagram, and sell it separately, as far as DIY is concerned I think it would be hard to do that yourself and find a pole that's bent exactly into shape.
  • Isn't the oculus cable just a USB cable? You should be able to extend it...

    For DIY wire mount, you don't need that single-piece curved shape exactly since you could just use something like a mic stand with boom extension (which you could diy with 2 poles and a set of swivel clamps).
  • Looks like it's happening

    As a heads up, we are also developing an overhead boom for cable management to go with our final Omni design. More to follow about our Omni boom next month!
  • I really hope this omni boom will be integrated into the omni, maybe Via a hole in one of the posts, that would be perfect, I hope it is not just any old boom stand that sits externally from the omni.

    if not maybe someone could do a mod where they drill a hole in one of the posts and put a boom stand in it, we really need to make sure omni can reach their goal of having the product fit comfortably in flats.
  • The boom is still under design consideration. One challenge facing an attached boom is the constant vibration it is subject to. A weighted object on the end of a vibrating boom is whipped around by leverage and the spring force created by the arms themselves.
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    thanks for the update,
    I can only assume you are aware of 'the arm' as mentioned previously, I just thought I would post a real life picture which shows a lot more than the design picture
    An attachment like this would be ideal, something that would not take up any more space and join onto one of the posts.

    Maybe because the post is detached from the footplate vibration is not an issue in that case.

    assuming the reason is 'the arm' has no vibration issues because of that, and the omni can't replicate that without changing it's fundamental design,
    maybe you could stop vibrations by having some material in between the boom stand the the post it is joined to,assuming there would be a hole in one of the posts, and the boom pole goes in the hole, maybe something like this around it.


    edit:actually I can't tell how 'the arm' is held up on one of those posts, I don't see any holes or anything, strange.
  • Cyberith has indeed created a great device. We hope they are successful in getting a great product out to their customers. VR is going to be HUGE!
    If you take a bit of a closer look at some of the videos of players on the Virualizer with the attached boom you will see the issue I am referring to. The end of the boom bobs up and down with the player's pace. The amount of bobbing is still difficult to control shock absorber-like devices. I did see an approach that I think would be AWESOME for the Omni. Drones...

    A drone could be used to hold the cable and intelligently follow you around as you turned. It could even film you as you played :) JK -

    Drones were everywhere at CES this year.
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    yeah I did notice the bobbing, but how exactly is that an issue? does it mean that it moves the HMD up and down like someone is tugging on your head while playing?

    okay assuming this is an issue for some reason, can you not just make it rigid, or does it fall over if you do that, but maybe if you sit it in a hole in one of the posts that would not happen.

    maybe you could make it like a rainbow that covers both the posts, would that not completely eliminate the problem, it could even be rigid.
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    I guess designing and selling the kind of over-structure you are describing as a perfectly working and secure system would be too much of an added cost to the Omni.
    It would also need to be adaptable to people height and and would not fit in everybody's place.

    But making one by yourself out of wood or metal does not seem that hard.
    I am planning to build kind of an "Omni cage" around mine, to suspend the headset, the positional tracker(s), and why not some surround sound...
    And I don't expect it to cost more than 50 $ overall.
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    I am going to put a 37 cent eye hook in the ceiling and run the cable through that.
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    Ok its going to be a little more complicated than that. The first eye hook directly above the center of the Omni the seccond about 3 feet away. run the cable through the cooks. leaving plenty of slack on the Omni side. Take two clips of some kind and place them on the cable on each side of the second eye hook. This way the cable does not move. Then attach a small weight to a short tube that will slide along the cable between the two eye hooks. if you get the right size weight the cable length from the first eye hook to the rift can get get longer or shorter as it needs to with very little "pull" on the rift.

    If you move away from the first eyehook you will pull the cable and the waight will rise. if you get closser to the eye hook gravity will pull the weight down and pull the extra slack back through the eye hook. Shouldnt cost more than 10$. At least thats the plan :p
  • could you make it so I have a choice which post the wire holder will attach to, if I can attach it to the left post I would not have to do any wire extensions as my PC will be placed to the left of the omni under a desk.
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    This cable arm was shown working at OMNI's booth at CES 2015. This cable arm addition would be truly needed to complete the TRAVR package IMHO.
  • @flamaest - the cable arm you are referring to at CES is connected to the stand where the television monitors are located. They are conveniently placed nearby the Omni.
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    fingers crossed that this ships with my omni travr package..
  • Does anyone have a tall boom arm in mind that we can try to run right over the omni? Because think of it, take a shelf or something then nail down your bolm arm to it, (have the shelf next to the omni) and the boom arm would reach right over the omni. I think this can work, can someone confirm? And possibly gove me a link to an extra tall boom arm to do this?
  • Why is this not being done via some wireless solution?
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    Well I don't want a wireless solution because I have the razer Tiamat 7.1 and it has surround sound which will make the expirence an even better one of virtual reality. Does anyone think something like this could work and would it be long enough if I had it aside from the omni to be directly above my head? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005D9MY1Q/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_1?pf_rd_p=1944687522&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B0042AXJ7A&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0Z3FX39RZ7BRHMRXVMV4

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    Wireless creates a few problems. Different solutions may add cost, bulk, weight, heat, latency, require battery power, or limit the resolution you can send uncompressed. VR HMDs will go wireless eventually, but early adopters will get used to dangling a cable over their head. It's not a problem once you've got it set up right, thankfully.
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    Found lots of microphone stands on amazon for 20 bucks, so this seems like an easy fix..
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