The two prototypes that I have seen pictures/video's of have 15 grooves in each of the 8 sections.

One prototype the grooves are the full length

and the other the lengths of the grooves alternate.

The image of the final base has a total of 5 grooves per section, counting the 4 in the middle and one of the goovs where the sections meet.

As I have obveusly never used any of these so cant say if this a good thing or bad thing. just somthing I noticed. I would be interested in knowing the differences between how each of the three feel to walk/run on.


  • I believe (I suppose we'll know for absolute sure next week) that the shoes no longer utilise pins as (I think) they were found to be ineffectual.

    Reasons for grooves remaining might include that they look cool and perhaps they are key to the patent.

    Very astute question though, if I'm wrong and pins are still utilised then I'd also be very curious.
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    @NobleBrutus is right, the pins turned out to be unnecessary & I think with those gone, the number of grooves were reduced. There are still some remaining because they help reduce friction.
    Also, speaking of 'pins' those are my legs in the second picture! That was CES last year. To think in a few days I will be there again, demoing the consumer version... unless Hades get to me first! I will try to look less panicky this time (it's hard when you're being attacked from all sides - all will know this feeling soon - mwahaha!).
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  • Really looking forward to it,will be refreshing the web pages come CES day.

    hopefully there will b e something changed for the consumer model, something unexpected.
  • All I can say is this post is groovy!

    I know, I know, that was lame... Someone had to say it.

    The grooves are more cosmetic at this point. Their function serves little.
  • would it not be cheaper to make it without the grooves then?
  • No, not really. A mold is a mold...
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