Smaller base?

I am actually rather concerned about the size of the base now. It looks smaller. It seems small enough that hitting the posts with you feet seems like a real issue. In the new Modern Warfare video at 37 seconds in his heal actually hits the right post. If he was turned a bit he would have hit the post 5 or 6 times in a row. I can see that not only breaking emersion but just being plain annoying.


  • Now I've rewatched it I see it too, his heel visibly clips the lever.

    The posts are at unusual angles which should help, but I echo that it is a little concerning. On the other hand, when you see very experienced people on the Omni they tend to run in a more vertical fashion and kick their feet up less so perhaps once you're adept the problem might disappear.
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    It may not be an issue. But i am fairly tall (6'2") and would rather not have to "learn" to start walking and runnig with short little strides compared to my normal gate.

    Ill start walking funny IRL :p
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    Hi guys, clipping the posts does not happen very often, and I find that as you improve it becomes less frequent until you stop hitting them altogether.
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    Now that i have seen some more videos on of people using it i am much less concerned. I am very much looking forward to getting it. The final version does look pretty damn sweet.
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