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can you punch or kick and do you aim with the gun


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Aiming with the gun depends on the gun you use... and if the game you are playing accept different input for viewing direction and aiming direction.
    Punching, as well, doesn't depend on the Omni but on the motion capture device you are using. the Stem Sixense, for example, would capture such moves.
    Finally, yes, kicking moves could be captured, I guess, but would require to work on the raw data of the Omni PODs.

    In a general way, remember that:
    - The Omni can only captures the moves of your feet, if you think of something not feet-related, it cannot.
    - Other devices do or will allow capturing all other kinds of moves. (Rift, Sixense, PrioVR, DeltaSix ...)
    - At the end, everything depends on the code of the game / application / demo: if no kicking was coded in the game, no device can create this move from nothing.

    The Omni is a device that allow you to move your character around by walking for real instead of pushing key, not a magic all-included vR system ! :)
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