About its function

Can my jump, crouch, sit and turn round(at the same place)be felt when I play game on the Virtuix Omni?


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    edited January 2015
    The Omni is able to track the position and displacements of your feet.
    So, yes, jumps, speed and rotations are detected and mapped on keyboard inputs (walking forward, strafing, jumping...)
    You will be able to play any game using such inputs.

    Crouching and sitting are hard to deduce using only your feet positions...
    But VR games will probably use the HMD tracking (RIFT...) to deduce such moves.
    Or you can use many other body-tracking solutions (STEM Sixense, PrioVR, ControlVR ...)

    I do not know concerning the "turning on place" thing...
    For now, most applications use HMD-based orientation (you turn where you look) so the problem does not occurs...
    The Omni trackers should be able to capture a rotation on place, but I wonder how easy it is to deduce a body orientation from feet only...
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