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    virtuix and virtualizer should combine there passion! -
  • yeah. might solve the problem of crouching for Omni and uncomfortably flat running surface for virt. problems though. to start with:
    1) price tag. remember that Virt is expensive because it has mechanical parts to allow crouching
    2) it will be more complex
    3) ever heard of a pioneering company collaborating with their rivals?

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    The Virtuix team already made a prototype like that:[email protected]//|301|5480fa5c6984f
    But, yes, such a product would have an even higher price, complexity and encumbrance...

    On a general way, it is good for the VR community that different companies focus on different aspects of the problem.
    When all these aspects will have been tested by numbers of final users, it will be time for the perferct mix of everything.
  • My concern is the safety. It seems like your feet could slip from underneath you.
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    when i was a kid the price of af computer was like 2300 dollars - that was for the amiga500. manymanymany people at that time spend there big money on stuff like this...
    - what i i think is that virtuix shouldnt be affraid of making a high end product. To me Virtual reality is almost as mindblowing as my first computer where i could play games..
    quick question! - is there a video anywhere where the omni is being used with head tracking seperated from the gunaiming?

    to blazespinaker - but what would it matter if you can't fall anyway?
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    skarn, you can fall. those things slide down so you can crouch. If the omni base is particularly frictionless, I can see a situation where you lose your footing and feet go akimbo. I'm also concerned about the noise factor. It looks like an interesting idea, but I'm OK with not crouching.
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    ah yeah okay... well i have ONE more suggestion!!!

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    HAHAHAHA i just had to make that joke :D
  • That's the idea i want. Omni need Virtualizer's crouching and Virtualizer need Omni's bowl for walking effortlessly. These two should married and make things better...especially when it help both companies out. Virtualizer are based in Europe and doesn't have anybody working in US and so it's hard for them to ship their product to the States. Why not both company merged and mass produce the product worldwide.
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    Once again, I think people want to go too fast...

    I totally understand, like everybody wanting to have the best VR possible the sooner possible...

    But, VR is still a domain in early development, not yet a fully developed market in need for the perfect device.
    For now, it is great to see multiple companies trying really different approaches at the problem.
    It will allow the community to try out and makes its opinion on many points such as "shoes vs socks", crouching or not, active or passive device, kind of tracking.
    The biggest mistake would be to select the "best" solutions on the paper without even sending them in the "real world" for stress-testing.

    So, let every company use really different methods, use and time will tell us what were the best ideas.
    There will be mistakes, hurt toes and disappointed customers, but that is for the best.
    And then, it will be the time for "THE device everybody was waiting for".
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    I agree with @Jorgen, trying to make a perfect device that does everything this early could be disastrous. It would likely do nothing particularly well, or be prohibitively expensive and fit nowhere but an arcade. While it's great to have a plethora of alternatives, what the VR ecosystem needs from day one is simply this - a locomotion platform that will appeal to as many consumers as possible, get rave reviews, and enhance those crucial first impressions of VR content. I expect augmentations or more expensive variants could always come later if there is a demand. Kneeling is something you would only do 1% of the time or less perhaps, so more importantly it has to be safe, easy to assemble and store, and compact while still allowing for natural and aerobic movement. I think it's better not to deter people by making your device larger, noisier, more expensive, difficult to set up, etc.

    One of the reasons I'm so passionate about the Omni is that I genuinely believe in the power of VR to improve our lives, but without a way to move naturally in VR I'm not sure if the medium will succeed. Yes many of the problems that beset it in the 90s have been fixed, or are being worked on, but simulator sickness would still be a big concern facing the industry right now if it were not for the Omni. If you think about it, essentially there are very few mediums (books, TV broadcasts, internet etc) - and that's because it takes a lot of momentum to sustain their growth. Without an audience there are no jobs, without jobs there is no new content. Reports of simulator sickness in reviews and by word of mouth would hamper early adoption. So yes, the Omni needs to be appealing, but it also needs to be of a very high quality - and it is! Shoes included in the price that will function perfectly with the Omni rather than slip-ons that are a second-best solution (or even worse - just socks!) is the way to go.

    Another thing I'm very proud of the team for achieving with this product is compatibility. Bluetooth for connection to mobile-based HMDs like Gear VR, and the ability to emulate a gamepad. It sounds like it may be quite straightforward to get the Omni working with VR content on consoles (when that arrives). If that's true imagine the impact this will have! It could mean the difference between VR being a global phenomenon or a niche genre of PC gaming. What Oculus, Virtuix, and other VR companies are doing right now could be about to make history. Don't forget AR may be happening at the same time! So many radical changes coming but (deep breath) we still have a few months to read a book or two, and say goodbye to the world as we know it. ;)
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