Has Virtuix made any official statements on the DK2 360 issue?

I pre-ordered the Omni the other day after spending so much time looking at videos and so on. However as I kept looking into it, I noticed people bringing up the issue of the DK2 and the camera not being able to pick up the oculus when its facing away (due to no infrared dots)

Have they come up with a solution for this? Do we know if CV1 will have some on the back?


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    after doing some more research, it looks like CV1 might support more than one camera, but can not find a definite quote on that.
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    Hi @molster, have you heard of the latest Oculus prototype 'Crescent Bay'? See article here.
    Based on this, the Rift CV1 will have LEDs on the back of the headstrap.
    DK2 users might be able to use the Sixense STEM to add 360 tracking, or you could mount the camera above your head (not a perfect solution especially if you will be looking down frequently).
    Playing with just rotation enabled and not position is still a lot of fun though.
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  • Thanks for the reply.
    I Actully did not know the cresent bay had LEDs on the back, my reading on CB was very light so this is great to hear.

    Can't wait for my omni now, childhood dreams coming true!

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    Totally out of context, but I found the combination of your pseudo and the "children dreams coming true" ... disturbing ... :D
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