TRAVR Omni Game's and Sixense STEM

It would be outstanding if the TRAVR games supported the STEM system. Having a taste of a game with analog run speed as well as a decoupled head, torso and gun would be unbelievable.


  • I believe I saw somewhere that virtuix are in talks with Amir and the rest of the sixense team. Do you guys have a stem system at the office yet. I believe that stem and virtuix is the perfect combination for full vr so much that ive already ordered my stem and omni but i would really like to see a bundle of the two systems.
  • @psoihluis We know they are working together and planning to make things work well together. I as well ordered both systems and know that any games that worked with Hydra work with STEM. So it is a big possibility that TRAVR will work with STEM.
  • @WIRAGaming Perception neuron would be pretty neat with omni as well. It would be limited since there's no crouching but it would be a great step forward for full body vr. Can you imagine an rpg styled game in this? Its gonna be so much fun and so much cardio lol
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
    there is an oppotunity for a new project since the deltasix seems to be a total failure (if not a scam).
    they sell more than 200$ a plastic gun that doe not even works properly, while you can get a Cabela top shot for $25.
    just add a wireless IMU and you are ready to go. Virtuix is demoing this for month already.
  • In our case the Top Shot Elite is just being used for the trigger. There is no aiming. At some point when a STEM makes it our way, we will definitely add one of the modules to the gun and see what we can come up with. Fun times ahead!
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
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    it is too bad, because there are tons of cheap solution to add aiming to a top shot. (ED tracker, YEI sensor, lots of 9150 +arduino DIY kit)
    I hope mine will be ready before the omni. (top shot + wireless EDtracker)
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