slight change of order possible?

Hi Omni team :) I had ordered through kickstarter the OMNI + OMNI RACK: (479$ package) paying also an additional 49$ on top for an extra pair of shoes.

1. Would it be possible instead of the Rack to get a second belt ? I want in total one pair of belt-shoes for me and one for my wife. Pricewise it is exactly the same
2. Since you are also creating a stand for the cable management of the Oculus rift how can we order this also?



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    i got same the same kind of problem.
    i ordered shoe size for my kids, but in regards of the new delay annouced (a forever story for kickstarter) , i will need to modify my order since more than 1 year means a huge change in shoe size for kids.
    So now i need to wait for a final shipping date annoucement, because if we push until 2016, it could be another change.(will need also to consider a belly size change on father's side too)
    I am not sure the new dealys are not aligned to the equal bad new for the virtualizer.
    "Virtualizer will be shipped out at our new estimated shipping date: August 2015! ", so the race is still on...
    Unfortunately if another product is ready before the omni (probably a cheaper chinese knock off) , i will also consider a cancellation.
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    Hi guys, I've asked about this and they're not 100% sure yet if users will be able to amend their orders via the website. If it's not possible then it will be done manually for you - you will just need to get in contact with the team prior to entering your details. Stay tuned for clarification on this in the next few updates.
    @nosys70 The delay is not related to the Virtualizer's - the timing of announcements was coincidental. I recommend sticking with Virtuix - you will not get this level of quality at a lower price anywhere else. What salesmanship! :)
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • yes, i know the omni probably still rocks, but you should not play with fire too long.
    I know too that having a lot of investment secured is nice and going to real sales is also a risk because then, sales figures could be a deceptive reality check for investor.
    That is also probably why oculus is delaying forever. They are seated on a huge amount of money, and can go in "Developement mode" forever until they really start to sell product.
    I think they are clever and the GEAR was just a test to see what happens when you go live.
    Virtuix could do the same by selling something (a VR gun ?) that is almost mandatory to have for the omni, before the omni is availalble, so you can know where really the market is.
    it would have been great too, to sell some prototypes(omni DK1 ?) to backers, so they can hack it, abuse it, promote it , there would probably a huge quantity of modification that could appear this way.(bad or nice)
    Don't forget the thing is new and lots of developpers needs to wite code for it. If you release a perfect device, but there is no ecosystem behind, it could just have the side effect of having
    reviews like :"The thing is great and well built, but unfortunately totally useless because the lack of software".
  • Great comments @nosys70 - and I assure you we aren't holding back the Omni in fear of sales figures. We definitely realize the VR market is still in it's infancy and we will need to grow with it. I can't speak on behalf of Oculus and their reasons, however in our case, we are keenly focused on bringing to market a great locomotion device. And that is really a big challenge. Our 1st objective is to make sure we get that out before any additional VR peripherals.

    I will also state that it is very expensive to manufacture a large product such as the Omni. Multiple manufactured versions of the Omni would be cost prohibitive for a startup such as ourselves.
  • @tpapas1 - We are transitioning all existing orders to a new system. We will be sending out a notification when we are closer to shipping. We will ask you to confirm your shipping info and it will also enable you to change your order. Your request is certainly within reason. I want the same thing for my kids. They are a little bit thinner than me ;)
  • thanks for all the answers.
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