The ultimate Harness system

OculusRiftRocksOculusRiftRocks Posts: 131
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was just thinking about trying to make the best harness system for the omni.

how about a harness system attached to the ceiling via a rope.

Something like this

this would allow for fast turning, crouching and having your arms by your side.


  • a better example here I think.

    but I wonder how the rope would prevent you from moving too far forward from the center?
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    I think a motorized version of this could be great to generate high jumps feedbacks.
    Imagine making a "Matrix jump" and the harness maintaining you in air for the duration of the jump.

    It could also be used to simulate the weight carried by your character...
    Who does not like running few hours with a chainmail and a backpack ? :)
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    hhmmm..... @OculusRiftRocks that second harness is intriguing. Though unless you have the ability to attach it to the ceiling above you not very practical. I like the idea of no support ring getting in the way. Though at this point i don't know if it does get in the way, I never really thought it would, It might be a non-issue. also that harness relay does not give you the ability to sit.

    At this point i think the current support ring and harness are still overall the best option. though this may be something i will look into in the future. Perhaps specific games would work best with each harness type.
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