Stop taking the piss with the price, as good as is it in what it does it's still only a controller.


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    Hi @Digital_flight, welcome to the forum. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use rude or abusive language here, thank you.
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  • It's only as rude as the price!!!
  • I remember some of the early announcements on how it would be priced for everyone so is your idea of every one upper middle class "just a new toy for the rich" . I struggle with deep depression and hoped this device along with the rift would let escape but I see now I'm completely priced out .
  • that is true it was originally scoped to be affordable both in price and in space requirements, it at least was in the kickstarter and as a pre-order up until this new price in february 2015, however things are the way they are now, they needed to add cost to the machine to make sure it is height adjustable and more stable, with more expensive tracking now as well.
  • Sorry but It's not acceptable, to have this delivered to the uk is some were around 1077 dollars were the hell does affordable fit into it. just a rich toy for the rich
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    I'm sorry to hear of your struggles @Digital_flight. VR does become more expensive as you add extra hardware for deeper immersion, but the investment is worth making. Even at $699 I still believe the Omni is great value for money. PCs and HMDs you may feel you have to upgrade for instance, but the Omni should last you many years. It can also improve fitness and by extension your health. Exercise is also good for improving your mood. It is still cheaper than a premium treadmill. While I wouldn't call it a toy for the rich, it's true that some of us will have to save up for it, or pay by credit if that's an option. I'm hoping the overall cost of an entry-level VR system will come down once the industry begins to boom, as I think this is something everyone should have access to. I know that the new features and price were considered carefully, and they reflect the level of quality the team are aiming for. It's surely not their intention to price anyone out of owning one. I hope fortune favours you, and you can be an early-adopter too in the coming months.
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    more likely $1200 as you will have £100 import tax and will need to order the oculus wire boom stand as well.

    they say they may one day have a europeaon distribution center so you wont have to pay import tax, maybe in one years time the price will go back down to $500, so maybe if you wait it will be $700 by then.

    but if that's too much for you just make your own then, it is what I plan to do, not because of money issues, but due to space issues, I refuse to have something that large in my room.
  • This is the state of the world today start off by saying it's for everyone and then show it only for the haves!!!! And I bet the only people to disagree are the haves
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    So you are expecting something as new as full Virtual Reality to get affordable to anybody from the first day ?
    You should have a look at the prices of good VR devices a few years from now... few thousands of $ at least for an acceptable HMD...
    We have a VR room in my lab... it cost more than a hundred of thousands of $, and every hour of usage is around 200 $ just in power and wear.
    So, yes, good VR is coming, and it IS cheap.
    But, no, good VR is not yet a toy for the masses, sorry.

    You should thank the people of Virtuix and others to be opening the doors of mass-production VR and make it more largely available in few years, instead of whining at them.
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    just a rich toy for the rich
    @Digital_flight You are correct. I am not saying that i am rich, in fact I would say i'm fairly far from it. However the Omni, actually pretty much all consumer VR, is simply a bunch of first-world toys. As @Jorgen pointed out 5 years ago the equivalent of an Omni + Rift + Stem system would set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. Companies like Virtuix, Oculus, and Sixense have done an incredible job at bringing down the prices to something realistic for the masses.

    Also think about how much more exciting it will be when you do finally save up and get it!

    So relax :)
  • First of to Jorgen I have followed this for a very long time and it was not me that stated the price was going to be affordable to every one try looking back and you will see it was the virtuix and it is a toy try looking at the front page of the website but with all sed and Don in my opinion due to it's overpriced nature it is not something I would purchase.
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    I do agree with you concerning Virtuix' communication, at least: they present their product as a VR toy for everybody, which is not, in my opinion.
    I do not consider the Omni as an end user's product yet, but more as a "development kit" like the RIFT DK1. And this for two main reasons:
    - First, even if I trust Virtuix in running tons of tests and trying to reach the perfect product, I think that many problems will arise when released and "stress tested" by thousands of users.
    - Second, the applications are not there yet: the plug and play, "keyboard simulating" Omni will be very limited, and very few applications will allow the desynchronising of walking, looking and shooting directions .
    So, yes, I think many users will be disappointed by their purchase, just like they were with the RIFT DK1.
    And I expect to be disappointed myself on the "gaming" part.

    BUT, the domain still need this first batch of buyers to develop.
    And in that, Virtuix' communication is necessary, to bring more people to try the system, and mostly developers, that will help enhancing the product and develop the right applications.
    And then, only then, the "very affordable" full VR gaming will perhaps be able to exist and reach the general market.

    In conclusion, I think that the OMNI and other VR devices ARE affordable to almost everybody, and not that expensive when you compare to previous solutions.
    Sure it is a big sum of money... almost one month of salary in my case, considering shipping to Europe, taxes and everything.
    So, as a "game enhancing toy", yes, it is probably overpriced for the wide market.
    But to be a part of the necessary first steps of full-VR, to be able to "prepare the way" of the technology, for use in research labs and for developers, it is a fair price.

    If you want to part of VR and help bringing it to life, please join.
    If you just want to improve your gaming experience, you'd better wait a few more years, I guess.

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    I found your post interesting and I wish I could join this bandwagon as I already own the oculusDK2 but look at what the Omni actually is, it is a device for moving around within a VR 3-D environment while standing. although you should not stand with an Xbox controller it dos give you an ability to do so. Now I fully agree that an Xbox controller is not in the same class as the Omni but they do perform the same task at similar levels. I fully appreciate that the Omni is an entirely new way of doing this but as you mentioned with very few applications available and the need for mass user pickup putting it at such a high price is surely detrimental to its success. But I shall leave it there and keep a lookout for it in future years.
  • @Digital_flight - you certainly raise a good point. The Omni is not affordable to everyone at its current price. We know this and we hope to improve the product over time, reduce production costs, and pass the savings on to our future customers. We have even considered an Omni with fewer features. We (as well as VR in general) are not quite ready for mass consumer adoption just yet. But, we will get there...

    Out of curiosity. What do you feel the price should be for a device that enables you to safely walk around inside VR?
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    It looks very good and I would buy it, but I don't have the money yet. I follow the updates per newsletter and there are great improvements there. But I think I won't buy an Omni this year and hope for the " europeaon distribution center", because it could be a good reason to buy it here. (Shipping to austria seems to be very expensiv for me and if I have trouble with the custom office I don'T have a car to get it. xD
    I will wait for a bright future in VR (and sure I'm waiting for money too) and hope you can sell enough to get to europe, too. ^_^

    I dont know how much I would pay, it depends on the situation of my life xd. But I think something between 550 and 700 Euro would be fine. :wink:
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    I believe your promotional price was much fairer than your current as it gave a more reasonable total price i.e. when buying from the UK there will be sizeable import taxes and duties to be added and also your cost of shipping. I think it came to something in the region of £1200 UK Sterling at your current price, if you could get in the UK for something like £400-£500 it would be better value for money even though at this price it would still be something most people would have to save for but at its current price it is just a dream for most people. I hope my input has given you food for thought
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    Hi @Digital_flight. May I know how you worked out that estimate for the UK?
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    But it is hard to get an exact price until you know what vortex will be shipping it as, as this will make a difference on any duties and taxes payable. And there lies another problem you actually won't now what the duties and taxes to pay will be until it reaches UK Customs and Excise
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