I know it doesn't exactly count as a motion controller, but would this work with the Omni? And because it uses audio does it mean I can't use my headset?


And just a side note for me would it work with my setup?
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    If I'm remembering correctly, you connect your headset to the 'wireless' receiver that plugs into your sound out on your computer. You can still use your headset with it, but you won't be wireless (which shouldn't be a problem anyways since you're wired with the DK2). It would just depend on your headset's cord length.

    I was looking into this before I got my DIY Buttkicker setup. At this point, I'm waiting to see if I can find it used somewhere, have the price come down, or see if news of a second version comes up as the DIY Buttkicker setup is very nice for my seated play. That, or see if something similar and/or better pops up in the meantime. The Kor-FX vest looks fun for when we get our Omnis!
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    But my Tiamat has several audio cables so would I be able to use any normal 3.5mm extension on this? And also if I'm getting this strait im look on their website and it says it uses audio to make you feel the explosions and bullets, so would my headset not work because it's already using one audio device or no?
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    I think it splits your audio so both sources will be getting it, but I haven't seen any pictures of the receiver to know for sure. You might be able to get your headset to work with the product if you can have your audio output to difference sources (sound card and onboard or back and front?) using software like Voicemeeter (I currently use it to have audio output to both my headset (previously Logitech G930 wireless and now Astro A50 2013 wireless) and my speakers at the same time to get my DIY Buttkicker to work). Again, this is just speculation as I'm not 100% sure how the receiver works because I don't have it. Wish I could help you out more.

    I'm sure you could get it working with some tweaking. A couple threads on the Kor-FX site has people saying they have it working with wireless headsets which is good news for me if/when I pick one up (forums.korfx.com/forum/kor-fx-setup-help-and-tips/1317-got-it-working-with-wireless-headphones).
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    I'm a bit late on this thread but I'll comment anyways. I did a quick review of the KOR-FX months ago so I hope someone will find this review to be informative. As for cables, how the vest works is a 3.5mm cable is plugged from pc (or console or whatever) and then plugged into the Kor-Fx station. Then another 3.5mm cable is connected from the station to a headset. Since my headset has a independent station with a 3.5mm in jack I’m able to plug the cable into that and that’s how I maintain wireless freedom.

    Got my Kor-Fx and been testing it since yesterday. Here’s my quick impression of it: I love it. However, there are some issues with it.
    -Immersion. I played some FPS and flight sim and the tension was retched up a level. When firing a bullet or firing a missile, the rumble from the vest and controller do add to the experience.
    -It’s fairly comfortable to wear. After a while, you’ll forget it's there (wear a shirt... or not if you like to live dangerously).
    -It’s wireless. The vest and station is powered by four AA each (the station can also be usb powered) so using it with the Omni should be hassle free. Make sure to get rechargeable AA.
    -The vest has numerous sound settings but, to be honest, I really couldn’t tell a difference between them. The tutorial video did say they were subtle, so maybe I need to play longer or they’re too subtle. Regardless, it’s nice that they’re there (you feel like a badass changing them during playing).
    -It’s well made and looks cool.
    -If you’re a girl, yes, you can use it. There are tutorial videos of a girl using it.
    -Tweaking. Every game is different so you’ll have to adjust the volume of the vest and sound settings of the game to how you like it.
    -Sound leakage. These were meant to be used with headphones because otherwise you’ll hear mumbling sounds from the vest. Not as bad at lower volume though.
    -They do impede some movement of your arms, not much though. I’m only mentioning this because I’m going to use this with the Omni whereas if your playing traditional games it won’t really matter.
    -The vest only takes AA so if you don’t have some laying around, you’ll have to get some. Again, get rechargeable.
    -No rumble in the back. Maybe it’ll be added in V2.
    -$150… a bit steep.
    Is the vest worth it? it depends on what kind of gamer you are. For traditional gaming this vest will add immersion to the experience. For VR gaming, I think it’s going to be an excellent add-on. Until the Omni is released however, it’s hard to tell how well Kor-Fx will add to the overall experience, since you’re running and not stationary. If you can swallow the price tag, and you want to try something new for gaming, I would recommend the vest.
    Jan. 15, 2015
  • Great information. Thanks @Sponge101 !
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