Weapons&argued person playing

It would Be a great idea if omni sold doffernt wepons like sniper rifles to use in battlefeild and if ur in gta playing third person how would u do it like that


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    You would not ...
  • And whys that kind sire
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    Hi @LongRangeShot I think Jorgen was referring to your comment about third-person, which is not the best way to experience VR. Luckily the PC version of GTA 5 will have a dedicated first person mode!
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    @LongRangeShot Yes, sorry for the not-really-usefull comment... just the first thing that popped into my mind and I was too lazy to extrapolate.

    So, yes, Virtual Reality is all about immersion in the character's environment.
    And the third-person view is kinda incompatible with immersion, as you by definition look at your character from behind and not from its perspective.
    There is no mean of linking real motions to 3rd view camera motions in a natural way and any attempt would probably mess your brain and spill your breakfast...
    So, as stated by @sutekiB, first-person versions of games will be required for adapting them to VR headsets, and to the Omni.

    As for your first remark about providing other devices as a bundle with the Omni, it is a very discussed subject on this forum.
    But the policy of Virtuix is for now to focus on making a great VR locomotion device, not providing an all-in-one VR game bundle.
    And this is, in my opinion, for the best : the contrary would most probably negatively affect the price and production schedule of the Omni.
    Let each VR company focus on making one good-quality specialised device : bundles will wait for a bit more maturity of the field.
  • Ok i complety understand wht u mean
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