When watching the videos of the use of the Omni, it looks jittery. When playing it should be able to think ahead and watch how you play to make arrangements on what your next move might be. So when you slow down and speed up there isn't a pause. It should make it operate smoother and create less lag. Just a suggestions, not sure if it already does that? :) It could also sense how many steps there are and duplicate it on the game making some people faster than others? but that could be what they plan to do down the road, just a thought. :)


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    Hi @jcollis13 could that have been one of the earlier videos? The video section still has lots of older clips, spanning a number of prototypes (including those with Kinect V1 tracking!) so there will be some obvious lag in a few of them. The new IMU-based PODs track your feet at all times, so it's not having to wait for you to put your foot down on the platform anymore.
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    I'm jittery, but then again i did just finish my 9th cup of tea today.

    As for your question this is actually VERY hard problem. its actually similar to button debounce problem in electronics. How much time of no movement do you wait before you send the signal that the user has stopped moving? if it is to short your character in game could potentially stop moving when whatever foot is moving reaches the apex of its swing. That brief moment when the foot stops moving forward and starts moving backwards may seem insignificant to a human but to a PC or worse, embedded firmware that is an eternity. The longer you wait the fewer false positives you will get but the longer the perceived latency from when you actually stop moving to when your in game character stops becomes longer. Going from stopped to moving is a bit easier, the time to wait can be much less, though you will want something otherwise your character will move for every little twitch your foot does.

    As for predicting random human movement based on a relatively small sample of past motions..... Well if they can accurately predict something like that they are in the wrong business. I'm thinking hedge fund! :p

    All that being said, in the newer videos I really don't see an unreasonable amount of latency. Though its hard to tell just watching Youtube videos, Its touch to perfectly sync up camira video with capture software video unless you spend an extraordinary amount of money. The Tested guys said there was a little bit of latency when stopping but that it was not that bad.
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