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I'm a student of engineer and im a bit impresed with the Omni, i got some questions, first im a VR developer in my university and with this i see a lot of future but it seems like a closed plataform, we really want to acquire one for developers but i dont know if the only thing the omni can do is work as an interface of a keyboard or joystick cause here we want to get the raw signals and use it as a sensor so will the SDK let us do that? and when can we get access to it?


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    Hi @joydnoah, welcome to the forum! According to the developer FAQ you'll be able to access the raw data: "For advanced functionality the Omni comes with and SDK that provides game developers with full motion control: analogue walking speed, analogue walking direction, and tracking data of each individual foot that enables full freedom of motion with de-coupled walking and viewing directions."
    There's no announcement yet on when the SDK will be released, but hopefully it's coming soon.
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