hardware questions relating to cardiovascular game in unreal engine

Hi - I’m looking to create a game that motivates cardiovascular activity using the Unreal engine. I’ve seen on your site that the Omni can synch up with a Microsoft Kinect to establish if the player jumps or crouches.
I have a few tech. questions I was hoping someone might know about:
1. Would any extra scripting be necessary to pass the run speed or jump height variables into a game engine such as Unreal 4 or would these movements be calibrated in advance with the Omni software so that any game engine would interpret the movements as if they were coming in from a game-pad?
2. If a game was created where the player had to run and jump up to grab virtual objects, could these objects be placed anywhere in 3d space or would they always need to be placed in line of sight between the player and the kinect in order to track the players arms correctly ?
3. Have there been any game prototypes created in Unreal 4 specifically for the Omni and if so can they be viewed online anywhere ?
4. Has anyone looked at synching up a smartphone app or a hardware device such as the fitbit with the treadmill to integrate this data into a game ? (ie. prolonged optimum heartrate = powerups or credits ?)
By the way I’m doing a PHD combining video games, physical exercise and motivation so if anyone else is interested in this area feel free to drop me a mail.
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