Omni gun peripheral.

You guys(Virtuix) should make a gun controller.

Here is what I am thinking...

Something like the "Cabela's Top Shot Elite Firearm Controller". Lots of buttons pump action button and maybe even a "clip-slap" button(?), not really sure what you would call that. One major change I would make would be with the stock, if it's straight like a normal gun it would get in the way of the HMD when looking down the sight or scope. Perhaps have the stock loop down and come back up or perhaps even come off the bottom of the handle and loop around the arm and up to the shoulder to avoid this, it would look strange in meatspace but who cares about that.

Perhaps a handgun as well? I think having to actually physically switch guns in meatspace could be pretty cool.

Don't do it!. I think it was smart having your own tracking system for your feet within the omni. However I think in the case of a controller I would stick with Valve's lighthouse or Oculus' Constellation tracking systems, or both. Oculus has recently said they will be opening up the constellation tracking system for third parties to create peripherals for it, though they have not said when it would be available or what it would entail. From what Valve has said you could simply make a mount for one of their lighthouse "pucks" to attach to, to enable tracking. You might want to even add a place to snap in a STEM tracker on, Sixense has release some 3D files of what the mount will be. Though I have my doubts that will ever see the light of day.

The recoil system from Haptech(formerly StrikerVR) is the only way to go! I know they have said they had, or are in the process of getting, a patent on it. They have also somewhat vanished after CES earlier this year. The two or three images on there webpage have even been taken down. So not sure what the deal is with them. But from the video's and people's reactions there haptec feedback is the way to go for a gun controller.

One thing I was thinking about where the different force profiles. The force and speed of the haptics should change depending on the gun you have equipped. This would be best if the game was built with support to tell the gun what profile to use based on what gun was selected and even what the profile is(perhaps when the game loads?). That would however require support within the game, which is the best way to do it. However I was thinking you could have a switch on the gun itself, where the fire type selection switch is usually located on a real gun, by the trigger so the thumb can flip it. Have a 5(?) way selector that sends the game the key to switch to a weapon and then also change the haptics profile within the gun itself. This would need to be pre programmed and loaded into the gun ahead of time and perhaps even change depending on the game but you could then have different haptic feedback for games that don't support the gun. It could still be used to switch weapons in games that actually support it. I suppose the main point of the game supporting it would be that you don't have to bother with configuring the gun and you could also have some really cool haptic effects if, say, the gun jams or breaks or when you run out of ammo. That would be awesome!

Anyway in my mind a peripheral like that would be a perfect product to add to your offerings.
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