Omni Gun

Have a gun with two tracking points. one on the front and one on the back, this would allow for aiming in vr.


  • strunbergstrunberg Posts: 6
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    You need to make it open source so people can crack open a airsoft gun,and put the Omni gun electronics in it to produce a realistic controller of a user's choice.

    A PS90 would feel completely different from say a m16 in the the hands of a VR user.
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
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    not sure you need two tracking points. tracking the muzzle should be enough since you can think the gun is usually in the hand (2nd point of tracking) or you can imagine the aiming direction could be simply a vector from the center of a sphere (the center of the sphere being the head of the shooter). After all , aiming is a closed loop control, so accuracy in direction is not so important.
    EDtracker has a cheap tracker and there is a guy who made a wireless tracker based on the ED tracker, very nice. google for "Wireless EDtracker"
    i got some Cabela topshots, that are nice wireless PS controllers disguised into a space rifle. just missing the aiming feature. A good start for cheap.

  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
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    You only need to track two points if your tracking only 3 degrees, if your tracking 6 degrees than a single tracker is all you need. The gun should also be tracked completely independently from the head or anything else. If you use the vector between your head and the gun tracker, then looking forward, pointing the gun to the left and would not shoot where the gun was pointing. In order for a gun to simulate a real one is if it has 6 degrees of independent tracking.
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