My Complete/Comfortable VR setup

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I thought it would be fun for me to list the VR setup/gear I hope to have in a few short months (depending on reliability of release schedule -- I'am looking at you Omni!) for a full and comfortable VR experience. Feel free to list yours as well. Disclaimer: I'am not including motion tracking items like gloves, Oculus Touch, or Stem because the kind of games I want to play (Fallout, Skyrim, COD, etc.) won't, for now, support them. With that, here's my list for a complete/comfortable VR experience.

HMD: Oculus Rift CV1 - This one is simple: They will have what will probably be the lightest and most comfortable HMD on the market. There optics, screen, and other specs are constantly improving to address the big issue of motion sickness and with the CV1, it should be a treated issue for most people.

Locomotion: Omni - The Omni is my overall top pick because when taken into consideration factors like price, features, and functionality/compatibility over other competitors, it comes out on top.

Gun: U.S. Army Force Elite - Was considering this or Top Shot -- it won because I just prefer its functionality and handling. Not to mention it looks awesome.

Headphones: Steel Series H - I love the fact that it's wireless even when using the Kor-Fx. The sound is very good as well.

Vest: Kor-Fx - I like that it works with pretty much any sound so, while I have to tweak the sound settings, the rumbling feedback should increase the immersion for me.

Controller: PS3 controller - Not every game is appropriate with the Force Elite and this is where classic controller comes in. To me, PS3 controller is the best and feels most comfortable in my hand. Not to mention I can add the PS3 keypad to make it even more useful in almost all games.

SmartWatch: Moto 360 (2015) - I think it will be fun to keep track of stats like miles ran, calories burnt, etc. while running around in a virtual world. This is fitness -- gamer style B)

Earpiece: Tronfy earpiece - This is just an idea I had where while wearing a closed headset, why not listen to a secondary audio/music source that's connected to my phone.

Backpack: TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 - Props to SutekiB for giving me this idea. Staying hydrated should be top priority especially for an extended period of time. Stay thirsty my friends.

Waterbottle: Thermos Stainless King 40-Ounce Beverage Bottle - This monster can keep hot or cold liquid hot or cold for 24 hours. Who would want to take off the Omni shoes just to go to the fridge for a drink? Since I'll be running alot, consistent water/coffee breaks is a good idea.

Upgraded GPU - My GPU is dog s*** (gtx 480 x 2). Waiting for the 970 to drop in price before pulling the trigger.

Okay. That's my list and a brief explanation why I chose them. I know some of them aren't VR related per say but remember this is a list for complete/comfortable VR experience. Key word there is "comfortable" while in another world for an extended period of time (Fallout ;). I had fun making/thinking up this list and hope you will share yours and why you chose a particular gear.


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    Nice topic! I am also VERY eager to get the full VR setup up and running! Just hate to wait so long to get all the stuff! Here is my setup:

    HMD: Oculus Rift DK2 at start, and CV1 when it releases.

    Locomotion: Omni. I like the way it looks, the price and the functions! Cant wait to get mine!

    Gun: U.S Army Force Elite.

    Headphones: Havent been thinking about it, but must be something wireless with batteries that can just plug out and swap with a fresh one while one charges.

    Vest: Havent been thinking so much about this either. Will definetly consider one though!

    Controller: Xbox controller. Easy to pair with windows and no fuss. Also like the form factor.

    Smartwatch: Currently using AppleWatch, and do not plan to swap it out. Just love it! Cant wait to get start running on omni!

    Computer: Currently got a PC with GTX 970 and good CPU, so think it would do for now. If it doesnt do the job CV1, I'll just upgrade CPU/GPU :)

    I am looking forward to this so bad!
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    @Stigzy Nice list. I've been waiting years for this experience and I'am very excited as well that it's almost time.

    Update: Apparently I can't edit my own post but I forgot to mention something very important about the Steelseries H and why I chose it: it has dual hot-swapping batteries. While one is in use in the headset, the other is charging so you have near 24/7 wireless freedom. This is very important when in VR because if batteries run out you'll be forced to wait for it to charge or connect a charging cable; both are bad problems to have.

    Update: I meant to say the Tronfy earpiece will be connected to the smartwatch instead of the phone.

    Update: I just thought of three other categories/gears to have.

    Headband: Halo Headband Sweatband Slim, 1-Inch - Let's face, we're gonna sweat alot while using the Omni. A good headband will keep most of the eye-stinging sweat from either going down your face or soaking the Oculus Rift. The point is it should make things more comfortable while in VR.

    Armband: Under Armour 3-Inch Performance Wristband - Holding a gun or controller while using the Omni and sooner or later, sweat will be an issue. Imagine running from a deathclaw in Fallout and suddenly the controller or gun slips out of your hands because of the sweat from your arm. I think this is a good item to have for extended, comfortable gameplay.

    Fan: O2COOL NEW 10" Battery Operated Fan - To help with comfort, not to mention increased immersion, a fan blowing wind at your face sounds like a good idea, right?... Why not! This fan has good reviews, not to mention it's adjustable, and has battery-operated option. I might get the Eneloop D-size adapter with this as well.

    I'll update the list as I think up/research either better or entirely new categories/gear worth posting about. Disclaimer: I'am not paid to endorse any product. I just thought this is a fun activity to do :) .
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    Update: New gear/category

    Controller: PS3 Navigation Controller - While the Force Elite or PS3 controller will meet the requirements of almost any genre of games, if a game is so simplistic and requires only a few buttons for gameplay, the navigation controller is a perfect fit because it will leave one of your hand free for whatever... :* Anyways, I've been using it for years on my PC and its functionality and ergonomics/handling are great. It looks like a dildo but get over it.

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    Update: New Gear/Category

    Smartphone Holder: BESTEK Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder (Single Clamp Version) - Been using this product and versions of this product for months now and it has proven to be very useful for not only holding phones, but other light items as well (papers, etc.). Its flexible body can adjust to any angle/position as long as it is clamp to someplace on the Omni, or close to it, you'll be able to flip up the Rift and see/use you phone.

    Side Table: Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart - Since I don't know too much about the Omni Rack, I'm instead going for a side table to hold all my things (gun, controller, fan, phone holder, etc.). This table is lightweight, doesn't take up much space, very portable, and, best of all, it's height is adjustable. Its surface will get pretty crowded when everything is on it, but there should be enough space.
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    Update: New Gear/Category

    + Controller/Gun Mapping Software: Xpadder - This is the first software I'm listing but it is a very useful and powerful program. In order to actually use controller/gun/whatever, you need a keystroke mapping program like this and Xpadder is one of the best. There is a free version available and there is a lot of controller images available for download. It's a program I've been using for years now and I highly recommend it for its simplicity, functionality, and, quite frankly, the thing just works.
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    Update: New Gear/Category

    + Towel: Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel - Yes, I'm talking about a towel -- go with it. Once again, you're going to be sweating a lot from using the Omni. This towel I found to be softer, more absorbent, and dries faster than regular cotton towel. With the headband, arm band, fan, and now this towel, you should be able to manage sweat fairly well.
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    Update: New Gear/Category

    + Shirt: 5.11 LOOSE FIT CREW SHIRT - If you decide to wear a shirt when using the Omni, this is a great choice for a shirt. It's made of polyester and spandex blend that doesn't retain as much sweat as cotton shirt. Moreover, it has anti-microbial, moisture wicking, mesh vents underarm, and quick-dry features. Basically, it's a good shirt to work out in.
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    Update: New Gear/Category

    + Sound: Dolby Digital Live - This one is difficult to describe but I'll try. A while back I was curious about this technology and bought a sound card (your mobo might already has it) which supports DDL. I also had a headset that supported Dolby Digital Surround and when I used them together the sound I got was just... better. I noticed better direction of sounds in games and just the overall quality of sound was better. This could just be my own subjective experience and yours might be different -- that's why I didn't list any recommendation. For me though, I think it will add to the sense of immersion of the VR world.
  • Update: Updated Gear/Category

    + Smartwatch: Moto 360 Sport - I've always been a fan of the original 360 except for one issue: it wasn't really aimed at the fitness crowd but rather at the general public. With the new Sport version they added features which I find interesting: an exercise-friendly wrist band, GPS for better distance tracking, better heart rate monitor, WAY better cpu, smaller size, and just an overall major improvement over the original 360. Using fitness apps on the watch while using the Omni should be an engaging and excellent way just to keep track and record how fit you're becoming.
  • Update: New Gear/Category

    + Flight Stick: G940 - This one is tricky because it's hard to imagine using this with the Omni, but it's a worth while addition nonetheless. If you are into flight sims or more into the action fighter arcade simulation (HAWKS series) the addition of a good flight stick do dramatically add to the experience. I've had the 940 for a while now and it has a lot of features I like: joystick, throttle, peddles, force feedback, a ton of buttons, and it comfortable to use. I tend to use Xpadder on it but it also has its own button-mapping software.
  • Update: New Gear/Category

    + Steering Wheel: G27 - I don't use this often but when (I do, I prefer... JOKE) the Oculus CV1 arrives I'll be sure to. I prefer this over the G29 because it has a dedicated shifter. What I said about the flight stick and how it adds to the experience can also be said here as well. If you're going to be a VR racing gamer, a racing wheel is a must.
  • would consider ARAIG vest, but its pricey.
  • Thanks @Sponge101 your set up sounds amazing! This is great insight for anyone wondering what the ultimate VR setup might look like.
  • @Obs545. The ARAIG looked like a cool idea but unfortunately it didn't meet its Kickstarter goal. However, according to the site webpage it's due to launch Q1 of 2016... The same time as the Oculus CV1 ( Vive and a host of other VR tech, possibly including the Omni) launch date. Hopefully, someone will do a review of it when it's out.
  • @KellCam_Virtuix. Thanks! I'm having fun making and updating this list. Everyone is going to have a different list, so for me this just helps me to record the gear I'll need for the full VR experience. Until all the gears are released, however, I can't personally testify as to how well they all work together. Time will tell.

  • Update: New Gear/Category

    + Mini Keyboard: FAVI Wireless Keyboard Touchpad - You're in the Omni. You're fully immersed in the virtual game world when all of a sudden -- the game crashes... No problem, you whip this out of your pants (...) and restart the game! All kidding aside, that scenario can/will happen to each and every Omni user at some point so this device will be really useful. Instead of getting out of the Omni, or trying to use a full-sized keyboard in close proximity, this mini keyboard and touchpad makes quick typing or mouse clicking effortless and doesn't force you to leave the Omni. As with most of the other recommendations, I've own this for years but never I would thought it would be used for my VR setup. Long Live VR!
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    @Sponge101 The FAVI Wireless Keyboard is a great idea. I have one of these for my media PC, but it will work great for the situation you described.
  • Update: New Gear/Category

    + Personal Fan: O2 Cool Necklace Personal Cooling Fan - Staying cool/comfortable when using the Omni is a priority for me and that's why I'm adding another fan to the list; this fan, however, is more intended for close proximity. This fan hangs around your neck and provides a stream of constant airflow at the lower part of your face. I tested this with the Kor-Fx and they do work well together--as long as you tape/velcro the fan in front of the vest. The biggest drawback of the fan is the airflow isn't very strong but when you're sweating, the airflow combined with the principles of convection, makes a difference in comfort.
  • Update: New Gear/Category

    + Battery: Panasonic Eneloop - I noticed a lot of my gear (gun, vest, fans, etc.) require batteries and yet I've never listed any--until now. When it comes to rechargeable batteries, Eneloop is king but they were bought by Panasonic so now it's Panasonic Eneloop. What makes them great is that you can charge them a ridiculous number of times (2,100 with the latest version) and they also hold their charge incredibly long (think years!). Buying rechargeable makes much more sense than disposable considering how often all of the gear listed will run out of power and be needing fresh ones. Make sure to buy the version that comes with its own charger; it works pretty well.
  • Agreed. I don't think you can go wrong with Eneloop batteries. Definitely worth the extra price.
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