Omni supported Games

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Just came across that. Very exciting to see games supporting the Omni!

Virtuix will you be releasing a list of games/developers that you are working with to add support for the Omni?

Also i am assuming that the VitruviusVR folks have your SDK/API? Does this mean you will be releasing that soon?


  • Yes - as more games work on supporting the Omni, we will definitely list them. As previously mentioned, very basic functionality is simply mimicked by using analog joystick output from the Omni. However, the most immersive experiences will require the adoption of the Omni SDK, which we are still working on. We continue to add functionality to various areas of the controller which ends up affecting the operational characteristics of Omni player movement in the game.

    It depends on when Mushroom Ball intends on launching as to whether or not they will be able to take advantage of full Omni functionality. But, we will be keeping close touch with them to ensure a great Omni experience. We have already been speaking with this small indie team. Nice guys!
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