Travelling, Exercise, Tourism, Time Travel, and widen the Consumer Market

I had a dream last night of using Omni tor time travel. I could learn a lot by actually being in that time period. Also it would be useful for tourism. To actually go (VR) to beautiful places. Aruba, Caribbean Islands, Disney World, or other countries. Imagine time traveling to the Jurassic Period, or walking on Mars or the Moon.

Plain exercising is boring, but a stroll though the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone, or the Red Wood Forest, well that is appealing.

A person who is handicapped can go places that are physically impossible to go.

For the young and game enthusiasts, there are plenty of games but they don't have the money for Omni. Us older people, we do have the money and we just want to do things we could not do in our youth. Please widen your market, to include travelers, teachers, history buffs, veterans, etc. Using Omni as a learning tool broadens the possibilities for colleges, schools, libraries, travel agencies, etc. For get Google maps in 2D, see the area in True VR.

Hope you will consider other markets for this most interesting product.


  • YES!!! This is a fantastic post. Thanks @Dennis

    I agree completely! One of the (many) things I plan to do with an Omni is get some exercise by just jogging through an open world game. I can't wait to see what worlds will be created by VR developers. There's so many possibilities that VR and the Omni brings that goes well beyond gaming.

    I would definitely be up for virtual travel to places I'm not likely to see in the real world as well.
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