Mass Effect?

Since most of the videos are FPS games (and also because I'm a big Mass Effect fan) I think it would be interesting to see in a video how well the Omni would work with a game like Mass Effect which is a third-person shooter. The Pokemon video doesn't count, although it will be one of the first games I'll try :)


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    Mass Effect is one of my favorite game series. Though i question how well the Omni would incorporate into that game. I could see it being very strange. for example if Commander Shepard has his back to a wall but is facing the camera (which is like half the game, lol). he is facing you so his right is your left so which way would you side step to get him to move? The controller is a very abstract input device so simply pressing left to then move him right(from his perspective) is not a big. But your body mimicking the character who then does the opposite move may feel odd. The other option is you sidestep right and they move right from their perspective which is left from your perspective, again that could feel odd.

    Anyway just my 2 cents. I would be interested to hear/see someone try it.
  • @xxann5. I understand that the cover mechanics might be awkward with the Omni which I think leaves us with two main options: either adapt to the awkwardness or maybe input some keystrokes on the gun to control that whole process. I'm really hoping Virtuix would make a video but if they won't then perhaps a Pathfinder would do it soon.
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    But if you're changing some of the movement controls from the Omni to your controler (whatever type it is) they why use the Omni?
  • It's really hard to speculate without seeing it in effect (ha! ha!...) but I think all games used in conjunction with the Omni the player needs to, one way or the other, compromise on all the game play mechanics, not just in this case the cover system, to have a playable experience. Mass Effect is somewhat unique in that the movement of Shepard is very lumbering/staggering so how well it will feel using the Omni to control that is anyone's guess.
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