HTC Vive gets a release date (April 2016)

The HTC Vive will be released April 2016. The blog post announcing this is not currently working, it can be found here:

Here's UploadVR's article about it:

"We will be starting the new year by making an additional 7,000 units available to developers, followed by commercial availability in April 2016."

Any thoughts?


  • TomekTomek Posts: 76
    So Oculus may beat them to market yet! Hopefully! It's still amazing that they managed to cobble up a HMD this fast despite Oculus having a big head start. I wouldn't be surprised if Oculus gets delayed too though.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    @Tomek I would not use the word "cobble". I would bet that they had been working on things long before anyone knew about it. Phone companies are notoriously secretive. I also think they made a much smarter move by basically taking what Valve had already done and consumerizing it. Why reinvent the wheel? Especially when the new HMD wheel you make is unbelievably similar and the tracking wheel you make is just as accurate but with less features, I.E. lack of room scale tracking and scalability.

    As for the delay I am very disappointed but not all that shocked. I do have a theory about it, completely based on nothing but hear it is...

    They started making their "limited release" of Vive's to sell before the year's end. They then realized they wanted/had to change something something they could not get away with changing in rev 2 of there CV1. Perhaps it's something to greatly improve the HMD or perhaps a part of the manufacturing process was defective and produced something that was less than consumer grade but everything is still functional. Whatever the reason they still made them and they were still functional. So they figured they may as well give them to developers while they improve/fix whatever the issue was, and the Vive DK2 was born and the Vive CV1 is pushed back.

    Again I completely pulled that out of my ass. But I think it's at least plausible.

    Whatever the reason I am now even less concerned about when I get my Omni as I probably won't have an HMD, other than the GearVR to use it with.
  • @xxann5 That's an interesting theory. It does seem to make sense though. Everyone expected the consumer version to be opened for pre-orders in limited quantity in December, this includes a PR person at HTC that happened to mention it in an old interview. Now the consumer version has been moved to April and they have 7,000 more dev kits to give out. Hmmm...

    Either way, I'm really excited for the Vive and my hands-on with the dev kit has got me hyped for the consumer version.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Ya the "why" is moot. All that really matters is that it is regrettably delayed.
  • The problems I have with the HTC Vive are its bulkiness and its weight; it's not final, but compared to the CV1 Oculus it looks too unwieldy. Time-lines are tight but maybe they can still do something about that before release if they haven't secretly done so already and plane to announce a more ergonomic version soon.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Ya the current dev kit does look a bit unwieldy compared to the Rift CV1. However HTC has stated a few times that the CV will be drastically different than the current dev kit. Everything from design to weight and ergonomics have all be drastically improved. At least thats what they have said. I wish they would just release what its going to look like already. i also recall them stating that the tech specs will also improve but not by leaps and bounds.

    That is probably going to happen at CES next year when they unveil there DK2 which i would assume(?) would be very close to there CV.
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