How much does it cost total to get started?

So I play immersive games a lot, and so I was considering what to get this December and I was like IDK?
Like I have a monitor, I have a pair of crappy headphones, and CSGO, a joystick, what else do I need?

I got a curved screen monitor, and I was potentially going to get a better than 1GB GPU, and I maybe was going to try the Emotiv EEG, (allows you to create 4 mental macros and eye tracking mouse.)

I looked into more immersion things, and I play a lot of flight simulators and space simulators and so I saw this Vesaro motion chair and other motion platforms, starting at $1,500, they are expensive and not enough tilt, also I have seen pretty cheap home made gyro chairs for a lot less than $1,500 that tilt more.

So for the past year or so I was imagining a treadmill that had two axis, forwards and backwards, left and rights, of course this idea would not work, but I was thinking how cool would it be to really be in the CSGO map?

Today my audio engineering teacher showed us bi neural sound with good headphones, and I was shocked when I looked left at a voice that was not in the room because the headphones were so clear and the sound was bi neural or surround-sound-ish.

I accidentally clicked on some link on that school computer that lead me to the omni treadmill and hype levels increased a lot.

The treadmill is just within my budget.

To the point:

Do I need an oculus or can I use some random vr or a google vr? Can it be random or does it have to be listed?

So thats +700. Plus shipping is 730.

If you added 730 to the cheapest VR possible and tax and an M4 or AK or any rod like controller like scene in the videos plus hidden fees I missed, what would it cost to get started?



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    Hi @PHIL528, welcome to the forum! The Omni works with mobile VR headsets thanks to the Bluetooth connection. The best experience will be on PC using the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive consumer versions when they launch next year. No price has been announced for either of these yet. In the meantime, there is the Oculus DK2 if you have one of those. You can also use a Gear VR and a modern Samsung phone, with titles that support Active VR such as Dreadhalls by Sergio Hidalgo. Hopefully there can be support for PSVR on PS4 added in future. Yes, a Bluetooth gun controller like the Cabela Top Shot Elite will add to the immersion while playing first-person shooters even though it is not positionally tracked, though both Oculus and HTC are planning to release motion tracked controllers that could allow positionally tracked dual-wielding in supported games, which would be very cool in FPS, as you can see being tested in this demo from Virtuix!
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