Creating a tutorial for CryEngine / Unreal / World Machine

blazespinnakerblazespinnaker Posts: 235
edited December 2015 in Omni SDK
As I've been accepted into the Pathfinder program (yay!) one of the things I want to do is create a tutorial / and shared project in cryengine that we can use to create places to go jogging.

For example, I think it'd be really great to go into a terrain created in CryEngine (or Unreal) and change a path that goes along a beach to turn and go into a forest where I've added a stream. Once I've done that, I'd jump into the omni and put on an HMD and go for a jog. I could even generate the jogging path so it doesn't twist up the cables constantly. Add some weather systems and it'll look great. I've found some pretty easy to follow tutorials for this sort of thing.

Here's a guy who has some really cool tutorials on the web:

What engine preferences do people have for something like this? Preferably something with a good asset library I can re-use and nice weather systems.


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