How Long Have You Waited?

With the shipping of the vast majority of Omnis in sight, I'm curious to know how long everyone has waited for their Omni and, more importantly, how has everyone dealt with the months/years waiting for their Omni. For me I've waited for roughly 11 months but wanted the Omni for close to 1.5 year -- I've tried to focus on other things like college, other VR tech, and, of course, video games. Occasionally, I'll watch a video of the Omni being played with a game and become excited again for the day I'll get to test mine. The wait is finally coming to an end, guys :)


  • I've wanted the Omni (and Oculus) since the Kickstarter, but only managed to make the purchase in the last 5 months. I am SO excited about it. Currently ramping up a youtube channel just for VR. And I'll never see the sun again.
  • Good luck with the channel. I've seen a few other channels dedicated to VR but I think the problem is they need something like the Omni to really make the whole experience more... real/immersive for the audience. I think by having the audience seeing your exerting yourself and exploring those games by actually walking/moving, it draws the audience in and better able to relate with you.

    Another interesting idea is to have a "Twitch Play" type of experience where the audience is actually suggesting to you actions/decisions you make while on an Omni in the game world. Imagine the chaos!
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    I somehow managed to miss the Kickstarter by about 2 days, still not sure how I managed that one. So I guess I have been waiting for the Omni for 2-ish years now. With the recent updates its looking like the wait is going to be WELL worth the wait!

    I am going to date myself but I have been waiting for VR for about 20 years, as a 12 year old I tried VR for the first time at Niagara falls of all places. The thing actually kind of looked like an Omni but you did not move your feet you just turned around. The headset was so heavy they had a counter wait sticking off the back of the HMD. I played DOOM and it was awesome! I am sure if I tried it now the experience would not live up to the memory but it's looking like consumer VR is going to far surpass my memories of VR as a child. VERY EXCITING TIMES!
  • You did better than I did, I missed it by well over a year and I was completely oblivious to VR -- the good news is we beat the price hike that kicked in a couple of months ago at least.

    A picture of that HMD compared to the newest HMD should make for an interesting comparison to see how far we've came in tech. Was it this by any chance?

  • StigzyStigzy Posts: 25
    I did follow up on the kickstarter page, but sadly didnt pledge. Was sceptic if the product would ever make the marked. We all know how many projects that fail kickstarter and the backers end up getting nothing. Now i pre-ordered it in may 2015. So its still some waiting time for me :/
  • Sorry about not pledging during the Kick; you're right about the many failed Kickstarter products though. When I first saw the Omni I knew I need that and I didn't care how long it took or what was the price tag. Moreover, I never even considered asking for a refund because that's how much I wanted that experience. I still can't get over how every VR tech and their mother is coming out next quarter. I smell conspiracy...
  • I didn't actually back the kickstarter campaign - not because I didn't think it was awesome or that it wouldn't come to market, but I was so insanely impressed that I thought the Virtuix guys should get my money after it was out so I could pay full price. Crazy, yes.... happy I can give them the full amount for bringing an awesome product to market, definitely.. of course now I have to wait until all you others get tours before mine will turn up but I can live with that (I'm going to need the extra months to get fit anyway so I can run around on a battlefield for an hour without having a heart-attack)

    luckily the wife is used to me doing weird crap like this :smile:
  • Virtuix will get more of my money when all of their add-on: the spare POD, the boom, extension cable, the once suggested Omni pad, the once jokingly suggested Omni alarm, and whatever else they decide to roll out in the near future; I'm not saying I'll buy everything but if it's good, I'll take a good look at it.

    I know what you mean about fitness -- mine is next to horrendous. Looks like we both (and others) will be aiming for the same goal: get in shape for the Omni!
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