Bring OMNI to SEA (South East Asia) Region?

WolvenworksWolvenworks Posts: 93
edited January 2016 in Omni Suggestions
The people here are getting more health-conscious. They also think that games are unproductive (at least, outside Malaysia and Singapore). If we can demo them that using OMNI on a high-octane action game (EG. TF2 or CSGO) will keep you healthy too, maybe sales would jump?

TBH my dad's the owner of Metrox Group, a preety big company that deals with fashion (Wakai is the flagship brand) and lifestyle in Indonesia. Metrox has have been approached by Razer (no confirmation yet on whether Metrox will pick it up), and OMNI is kind of a treadmill, right? Plus, my dad's a health freak too, so maybe if we can get the shipping dates and price right, we can demo it to him and impress him with how much people can sweat thru a round of pub TF2? Of course, the main problem right now in Indonesia is the sour economy (Rp14k to a USD1 at the time of this writing), and that VR headsets aren't readily available, but I'm thinking, why wait for a demand to be there when you can CREATE the demand for it?

Of course, this is just my humble opinion and idea, but I'm not willing to feed on my dad's money forever. Especially not when i'm not entitled for any of it. My dad may have lots of money, but none of it are mine, yeah?


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