VR Rack and Boom Added to Virtuix Store

As the eagle-eyed may have noticed, Virtuix's VR Boom (shown recently at CES) has joined the newly redesigned VR Rack on the product page, and can be ordered for $79.

VR Boom

The Virtuix VR Boom is a standalone accessory that manages your HMD cable during your VR experience. The Boom has the following features:

• An HMD cable retractor mechanism to ensure you get just the right amount of cable slack as you run, jump, and turn
• A hook to hang your HMD on before and after VR sessions
• Cable clips to guide your HMD cable alongside the shaft of the Boom
• A mounting plate to attach your VR Cable extension box
• A sturdy octagonal base that matches your Omni and provides stability
• Adjustable height

The VR Rack is also $79 and includes:

• A flat section and two deeper trays to hold accessories including a gamepad, keyboard and mouse, your cell phone, wallet or keys, and even a water bottle
• Versatile weapon holders to store a rifle, pistol, HTC Vive or Oculus Touch hand controller, or other weapons and game controllers of choice
• Two hooks to hang your HMD and headphones on after use
• An anti-slip surface and surrounding lip to prevent items from falling off during use
• Several openings for convenient cable management

VR Rack

As well as being extremely useful for hardcore VR gamers, having the complete matching set is going to look pretty bad-ass.

What do you think guys? :)
Community Manager at Virtuix


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