Pre-Order Deposit

Hi everyone,

I sent this message to Virtuiix and they did respond that they would look into it but I wanted to share my thoughts with the forum to see if anyone else may support the change.

I have been following the Omni for about 2 years now, since the early kickstarter days. At the time I was going through some financial stuff and couldn't get in on the kick start deal. Kudo's to every who gave their support to Virtuix in the early stages to help it reach as far as it has come so far!

However, the kick starter days have passed and now we have reached more of a basic pre-order system. My understanding was that January was more of a test of the production and distribution systems with full development coming soon. Many of the thousands of per orders came in during the kick start program for a few hundred dollars. So a full price deposit was reasonable. Now however the $700 price tag coupled with any additional items could easily pass the $1000 range. That is a considerable amount of money even for people with spare money to burn. But now add on to that a purchase of the Oculus Rift...maybe a PC upgrade..etc.

That kind of money can easily be out of reach of the average buyer...but still..some of us can pull off the purchase if we had an idea of when we would receive the item. Paying $1000+ now for an item that may or may not be here in 6+ months basically prices out all of the middle class. I mean i can't be the only one who has a spare couple grand but can't really justify to my wife (or myself) to be without said money for who knows?

I hope that Virtuix takes into consideration that their competitors are asking for a %10 deposit..which is reasonable, Oculus is asking for no money till shipping stating "the product speaks for itself", and without a more confident date everyone outside of the kick starter will have to be wealthy enough to take such a leap of faith. Again, i want to reiterate that the kick starter backer deal was both reasonable and awesome of the early faithful but for a few hundred dollars it was feasible. I can't be the only person who wants your product, has the money to pay for your product, but can't justify the risk / reward of your current pre-order policy.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully others that may be in the same situation will read this and sign up to leave a comment in support of the change.


  • I'm unsure how game can take your money and give it to you in card. If you buy the game you get 28 days to return it if it's unopened. So this should be in the same share of returns. I'd give them a call if I were you just to confirm how to cancel the order and get your money back. If they refuse ask to speak to a manager about it.
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