I think it would be awesome if someone could get Skyrim compatible with the Virtuix, Oculus rift and SixSense Stem what would be even better would be making them compatible with Skyrim Revisited A STEP mod guide!


  • My goal is Leap motion :) I want to be able to cast spells by just putting my hand out in front of my HMD.
  • Oh Wow! Never heard of Leap Motion! That definitely changes my perspective and it is a lot cheaper! But I wonder if it actually works well?
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    Yeah, the Orion update is pretty good

  • Oh wow that's awesome! I'm assuming you still need to get the Oculus rift? Or a different VR headset?
  • Here's another one:

    I'd be curious to see how much more they can improve it. They might be at the limitation of what they can do. Not sure. I had an idea on how they might be able to improve it though. You can buy rings that you can put on your fingers which can be detected by the infrared.
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    Leap motion as a skyrim mod? That would be bad ass, but that's a tall order to fill. Adding decoupled movment is not that hard.
  • Well, it's not Skyrim with the Sixsense, but the wiimotes work decently as stand ins.

  • I just found this video and I think something like this would be awesome but it would be better if you could actually do the motion with your hand like swinging your arm swings the sword. Moving your left arm like holding a shield blocks and if you move your left arm out like your holding a sword it switches your weapon! Another amazing thing would be if you had limited inventory so like hooks and sheaths hold blades and other equipment! Just thinking about the possibilities are amazing!
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    I just found some new stuff and I think something like the Virtrux Omni, HTC Vive, Teslasuit and leap motion would be awesome together on Skyrim!
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    Yeah, I just ordered one in their Pi Day sale for playing FSX when my Rift arrives. If I can get it to work in Skyrim with the Omni, that would be about the closest we could get to real epic fantasy game experience in VR at the moment.

    But it's never liekly to be able to do more than trigger a weapon swing when you swing your arm, because I'm not aware of any way to control weapon movement without changing the game code. Attack just triggers a canned animation.

    Hopefully TES6 will support VR tech natively.
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