UK Topshot Elite Gun Peripheral selling cheap!

Just look here on Amazon!

I just bought one for £4.50 free shipping!

The computer recognised it instantly, once I'd plugged in the included wireless dongle, and after a brief set up with XPadder I was trying it out with different games - Works well!

The Xbox version is much more expensive and you have to buy the dongle separately on top of that.

I honestly cannot believe the price... I was planning on building my own but for £4.50 I could not say no.

Good luck! I don't know how long stocks will last.


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Cool, wasn't sure if you could use the PS3 version with an Xbox dongle, but seems you can. Good deal!
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  • It doesn't use an Xbox dongle it uses it's own usb dongle. It comes inside the package with the gun saving even more money if you don't already have an Xbox one.
  • I have the PS3 version too. Bought it on Ebay for around $18 so you got a better deal. It did come with cool stickers tho :)
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
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    I have the PS3 one, got it on Ebay for about 10$ it shows up as a guitar hero guitar peripheral when you plug it in. lol

    I will say it did work perfectly, without having to mess with drivers or anything. Just plugged it in and it worked.

    SUPER SMALL usb dongle though I lost it twice, thankfully i found it both times and it attached it to a stick of old ram :p
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