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3 years after backing the Omni, and my enthusiasm still hasn't wained, because I know that this will be the first exercise machine you won't be able to keep me off of. That being said, if I die of a coronary before I get mine, I will come back to haunt Jan for eternity.


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    @NobleBrutus Hahaha, nice! :D
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    People as you I am in the waiting line for quite a while.

    Lets accelerate this process by signing this petition:
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    Hey @Victor, I do understand your frustration, but developing a product as complex as the Omni takes time. They are doing their best to finish the remaining tasks required before they can manufacture on a larger scale. As it seems you're based in Brazil - where they do not currently have plans to ship in the short term, I recommend you email [email protected] and enquire about a refund. For your benefit, and anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's the link to the latest product update that went out today - I've copied the production related parts below:

    "Our supply chain is set up (including a manufacturing partner for our Boom and Rack) and most items on our quality improvement list have been completed. Most notable improvements since our last update include the following:
    • Improved the fit of the clasps that connect the Omni ring to the arms (to prevent the clasps from loosening with use).
    • Improved the alignment of the ring door with the rest of the ring by tightening production tolerances.
    • Changed the spring inside the base towers from a traditional spring to a gas spring (for safety reasons).
    • Controlled the force required to open the foot levers of the base towers.
    • Finalized the appearance of the illuminated power button.
    • Added a lock to the ring door lever that prevents the user from opening the ring door during use (for safety reasons).
    • Made various improvements to the Boom, including an easier mechanism to attach the HMD cable to the Boom cable retractor.
    • Made various improvements to the Harness, such as strengthening the connection between the aluminum frame and fabric belt.
    We are still finalizing the following items:

    Tool modifications of the base and ring molds related to cosmetic deficiencies (texture, sink marks).
    • Testing of the plastic Pod enclosure and button actuation.
    • Strengthening of the metal clamp that secures the Omni arms in the two base towers.
    • Fine-tuning of the desired grade of low-friction plastic of the shoe gliders to optimize performance and durability of the Omni shoes.
    • Development of test fixtures and procedures for testing of the three PCBs that are part of the Omni system.
    • Beta testing of the Omni Connect and Omni Online software packages.
    • Our Pathfinder Omni units continue to perform well in the field. Our mechanical engineer Kurt visited a few of our early customers last week to verify the status of their hardware after months of intensive use. All units performed to our expectations.
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    Are you kidding me @Victor an online petition? Really? Has an online petition worked for anything? Ever?

    Even if you somehow got 100 million people to sign this petition what do you really think this is going to do? Is it somehow going to magically finish the tooling process? or finish writing all of the code that's needed? Is it somehow going to modify space-time itself extending the day so the Virtuix team can work 40 hours a day?

    You know you and me and the rest of the backers are not the ones who want the Omni to ship the most. I can guarantee you that privilege goes to Jan and the Virtuix team. To us this is just an awesome toy that we, admittedly payed for some time ago. However to Jan and the Virtuix team this is there livelihood. This is how they feed there families. They want nothing more then to ship the Omni and please not only there early backers but there other investors as well.

    While i want my Omni just as much as you, but keep in mind that this kickstarter could have gown the way of the Sixense or the Virtualizer kickstarters. The steady progress that Virtuix has been making and the frequent and continued communication with there backers is unmatched.

    So yes I want my Omni, ALOT, but the only thing we as backers can do is wait, support them and hope the Omni is a huge success and the company thrives so they can produce there next piece of awsomeness! Pestering them with online petitions is not helping.
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    @xxann5 and sutekiB, Everyone is tired of seeing this company put all their effort into their fund raising instead of shipping products that have been promised and paid for. How many times can they claim the retooling process is what is taking too long, or the redesign of some random part? There will ALWAYS be something that can be improved. That is how EVERY product works. The omnis that were demonstrated were doing exactly what most pre-orders and kickstarters wanted them to do, that is why people cant understand why nothing is shipping. I got a refund of my omni order and it took them 2 weeks just to respond to my email off of their contact page. I can just imagine how ticked off people are getting who have waited 3 years.
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    @danfrommn At least you got a refund, try and get one from most (STEM!!!) kickstarter and they'll just ignore you. Hopefully it'll be worth it for us patient ones.
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    @Kijutsu, I do hope you get yours, and I promise I will be VERY jealous of anyone who gets one, but the company needs to start shipping product. I requested a refund when I saw the owner go on tv and start asking for outside funding. With pre-orders and kickstarter backers paying into what seems to be nearly $2 million in orders and so few getting theirs something just didnt seem right.
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    @danfrommn - Dude, this isn't a software deal where updating to add functionality and get rid of bugs is just a matter of typing a few things and emailing people a patch for free. This is hardware, and specifically its hardware that can make or break a gaming experience, that has no other precursors to design from, that can cost a lot of money to both manufacture and ship, and that could theoretically be dangerous to health and safety and require heavy recalls if there was something flawed in the design.
    Right now, there has been a limited release of Pathfinder Omni's shipped out for what is literally beta testing and quality assurance. I'm one of them, and I can tell you right now that the "retooling" and "random parts" that you seem to feel are mere excuses are all based on feedback that I and the other pathfinders have given. I know of at least 3 different issues I specifically brought to Virtuix's attention that I have seen included in these updates, and several other changes that I would quite happily trade you for.
    I mean, sure, it's your money, and if you feel that this has been too long without anything to show for it, then that's your call to make, but while I have had a lot of fun on the Omni unit I've been shipped, if I had the option of trading it back in and getting the consumer version, I'd do so in a heartbeat.

    Furthermore, there aren't really many games that natively support the Omni just yet, so if anything the wait only means that it's not taking up space in your actual home until devs have had a chance to figure out how to support it and there's a slightly better selection of games to use with it.

    They don't need to ship now, they need to make sure it's safe, that it works well, and that it's not going to break down during normal use. If oculus or vive screw up, they can send you a new unit through pretty much standard shipping. If something is screwed up on an omni, you might actually get hurt, and replacing the unit would require a full freight truck just for a single unit. In the meantime, please be a little understanding; you're asking for the CV1 release to start when we're still in the DK1 (maaaybe DK2) phase of development, and while it might be okay to tell people to replace their $300, 1lbs headset with the latest model, I don't think that will work as well with a $600+, 300lbs+ unit, so lets try to skip giving DK2 units and get the CV1 equivalents to as many purchasers as possible.
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    Sorry @danfrommn i didn't know you where an expert on manufacturing goods. I am not. So i will be leaving the judgment on when the product is ready for mass production to the people that are. I would not be surprised if this is typical for a product this physically complicated. The problem is that as a kickstarter we are seeing the entire, lengthy process. Normally we would not even know of the product until it is much further along in the process.
    this company put all their effort into their fund raising instead of shipping products
    You do realize that mass producing products costs massive amount of money up front. You don't go to a factory and say make 10,000 units and I will pay you for them once I sell them. It does not work that way. I am sure by now they could have made and shipped out the kickstarter Omni's with the minor flaws they currently have and for the most part they we would all be happy. i would persinally rather wait and get a higher quality longer lasting product, these things are not cheep. If they did do that what position would that leave Virtuix in? Would they be in a good financial state able to produce many more Omni's beyond there initial pre-orders with happy investors? To me that is more important than getting my Omni a few months earlier. I want Virtuix to stick around and continue to be invested in. I want them to support the Omni for the long term, after all the Omni is just a useless lump of metal and plastic without continued support.
    I got a refund of my omni order and it took them 2 weeks
    But you *DID* get a refund. Sexense was, and still is, ignoring people. Though if the Omni is something you want how would canceling your order be a good move?

    I think you may be looking at Kickstarter in the wrong way. Kickstarter is *NOT* a store front, you are *NOT* buying a product. You are investing in a company and if that company does well you then get reworded. You need to consider any money you spend on Kickstarter as lost money as you have basically zero recourse when it comes to ever getting your money back if the company fails, and many of them do.

    So as i said before I *REALLY* want my Omni. But what I would rather have is my Omni *AND* have it be supported by a thriving company, not a struggling company on the brink of collapse because of lack of funding do to playing the short, not long game.
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