Fan simulated Air Speed

Basically it would be a series of fans inside a secondary ring that would be mounted to the outside edge of the omni ring support. Even without a game running, the Omni would automatically detect the simulated motion you were performing, and activate fans in that direction to blow at you in order to simulate the wind you would feel from actually running. Even though this basic function can work completely independently from any game, games that chose to take advantage of this feature would be able to have actual wind in their game that the player can feel even when they are standing still.

A tightrope walking game (or just a part of a game that involved that) could actually have drafts that you could feel directly and have to react to in order to keep from being blown off.
Sailing games could actually let you feel the wind and use it to decide how to orient the sail of the ship/boat. The same would be true for any type of open air flight or gliding game.

Best part is that it would help you cool off regardless. It's easy to work up a sweat when you actually have to run around as much as the characters in your game do.
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