Steam Controller Capabilities

One of my biggest immersion breakers in TRAVR is that it is not my eyes or hands that affect my aim, but my head alone.
One of my favorite features of the Steam Controller is the wonderfully responsive Gyroscopic motion tracking. Any game requiring detailed aiming, I always have this setting enabled for any game that requires any kind of aiming.
Personally, I think that the steam controller could easily take advantage of at least part of the features that are being included with the Vive, and possibly even manage as a passable (particularly when considering the price) substitute for both of the vive controllers.

For basic implementation, the gyroscope alone could be left active by default, and then either of the grip buttons could be used as a reorientation button; orienting the controller aim to the vision aim any time that it is pressed. The other grip button could be used (instead of or along with "Y") to reorient the Omni itself. With the lasers, the iron sight button becomes superfluous, so the only buttons the player needs are fire and reload, which can be mapped to each of the triggers.

Even two guns could easily be simulated, since most people are going to want to see where at least one of their weapons is firing towards. One would be controlled by the gyroscopic controller, (secondary gun) while the other would be controlled by the player's vision (primary gun) the same way it currently is handled. Rather than providing a laser for the primary gun, iron sights would simply be on by default, and only the secondary gun would have a laser. At this point, each gun would need to be fired and reloaded individually, so while the grips are the same (handling reorienting the omni and the controller to the HMD) in this setup, each trigger would handle firing each gun, and each shoulder button would be for reloading.
This wouldn't be quite as natural to use as the Vive setup, but it would provide a significant portion of the gameplay at a fraction of the cost, making these features accessible to more players, while at the same time providing a clear benefit to those players willing to make the extra investment.
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