Newbie needs your recommendation on goggles, guns and games

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Hi all,
I'm interested in buying a full set of the game platform with matching accessories and games. Can anybody recommend which VR goggles, guns and games are better compatible with the Omni platform and where to buy them? Your input is much appreciated!



  • NobleBrutusNobleBrutus Posts: 143
    Clearly things are still being finalised and not much is natively supported so far.

    The setup I opted for is the HTC Vive as it comes with its own controllers. However both the Vive and Rift are supported by the first party games that will be delivered with the Omni.

    VorpX is helpful by translating current non-VR games into VR games. Most of these are Omni compatible. Documentation written by SutekiB will give recommendations on which games work well, for example Dear Esther and Skyrim.
  • grasssugrasssu Posts: 2
    Thanks NobleBrutus! I don't quite understand "However both the Vive and Rift are supported by the first party games that will be delivered with the Omni." Did you mean there are no official games out on the market yet?
    What about the sumsung gear vr? The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are both expensive!

    What about the guns? Where can I buy them?
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    Hi @grasssu, welcome to the forum! I concur with NobleBrutus, the HTC Vive is my preferred VR mask, as it comes with hand controllers. These are excellent, and seem very well built. I mean, I dropped one already and it still works :)

    Having your hands depicted in the game makes such a difference, and is one of the main reasons you should be excited for native VR content. What would be even better is no controller at all and having your hands optically tracked. That will come in the future, and then your Omni will be indispensable - how else could you move if you're not holding a gamepad? There is little native support, partly because it's so early for VR - we're still in the launch window. Also, not many developers have Omnis, and the SDK has not been released (could be any time now though), so developers are not able to make games that allow natural movement - they can't test them without making themselves sick! Again, that is set to change imminently. There are a few exceptions, such as 'Mind Path to Thalamus' which is really good. I was playing that last night with my Vive and the Omni. It doesn't put your hands in the game, but does look beautiful in the Vive mask. For now, only Virtuix's own content has decoupled (look one way while walking another), but again, this will change soon. For games that don't use the SDK, you will usually walk where you are looking (except when strafing and walking backwards). It doesn't make too much difference most of the time, but obviously decoupled is better, as it's more natural.

    You could use the GearVR with the Omni, but again it's early days and content is scarce. I would say the Vive is a good investment. There may not be much content for now, but the quality is so much better than mobile VR that it's still worth it. The catalog of VR games will expand rapidly, and there will likely be a lot more to choose from by the time you have everything you need.
    With the Vive wands, you don't need a gun-controller, but you can pick up a Cabela Top Shot Elite quite cheaply. It isn't tracked but will feel better playing an FPS than with a gamepad. You should be able to find it on Amazon. I have one.
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