Production Update

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Hi everyone, yesterday we announced our most recent production update on our blog - see below:

Our supply chain is set up (including a manufacturing partner for our Boom and Rack) and most items on our quality improvement list have been completed. Most notable improvements since our last update include the following:

Improved the fit of the clasps that connect the Omni ring to the arms (to prevent the clasps from loosening with use).
Improved the alignment of the ring door with the rest of the ring by tightening production tolerances.
Changed the spring inside the base towers from a traditional spring to a gas spring (for safety reasons).
Controlled the force required to open the foot levers of the base towers.
Finalized the appearance of the illuminated power button.
Added a lock to the ring door lever that prevents the user from opening the ring door during use (for safety reasons).
Made various improvements to the Boom, including an easier mechanism to attach the HMD cable to the Boom cable retractor.
Made various improvements to the Harness, such as strengthening the connection between the aluminum frame and fabric belt.
We are still finalizing the following items:

Tool modifications of the base and ring molds related to cosmetic deficiencies (texture, sink marks).
Testing of the plastic Pod enclosure and button actuation.
Strengthening of the metal clamp that secures the Omni arms in the two base towers.
Fine-tuning of the desired grade of low-friction plastic of the shoe gliders to optimize performance and durability of the Omni shoes.
Development of test fixtures and procedures for testing of the three PCBs that are part of the Omni system.
Beta testing of the Omni Connect and Omni Online software packages.
Our Pathfinder Omni units continue to perform well in the field. Our mechanical engineer Kurt visited a few of our early customers last week to verify the status of their hardware after months of intensive use. All units performed to our expectations.

Community, we are now very close to mass manufacturing. We thank you for your continued patience and support as we complete the last few tasks on our check-list.

Full update can be seen here:


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