Got my vive and i'm streaming and uploading

VespamanVespaman Posts: 17
So far so good with the vive i'm having a ton of fun. I have been playing Vanishing Realms which is an amazing RPG game. I love the sword fights and it makes me tired as heck. I have also been playing Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand grenades which is a virtual gun range. So far Vanishing REalms has been my favorite though. Its a fantastic rpg and would be a good game i think even in VR. I see a lot of things that are exciting in the game. For instance you can mine in certain parts of the game by striking ores with a pickaxe and eventually you get a nice hammer that breaks the ore much easier. I'm feeling a VR MMO coming on eventually. I'd love to be out at the ore mines with other players swinging away. Also Hotdogs Horshoes and Hand Grenades is a super realistic gun range game. I'm trained law enforcement and the operation of most of the weapons is totally on point. I love it. Check out my videos on youtube. I'll be making way more videos and will be doing twitch streams so please check me out guys. I also stream on twitch.


  • THET1KTHET1K Posts: 17
    Thanks for the videos. I liked vanishing realms as well. I will definitely have to check out Hotdogs Horshoes and Hand Grenades. Thank you for your service in law enforcement. I'm a military veteran and also appreciate realistic firearms handling in games. HordeZ is my favorite game so far-such a blast :smiley:. I will be checking out more games soon; however, I'm a bit dead in the water right now since my recently purchased GTX 980 Ti turned out to be defective. I returned it and am waiting till the 27th to order a GTX 1080 (some silver lining on getting a bad card I guess haha).

    What is your favorite game right now so far? If you like them all that's fine too. I'm not even sure you can call these games anymore...experiences is more accurate I think :smile:.
  • RockyRocky Posts: 4
    HordeZ is also my favorite. i have 14 game so far
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