I hope you are NOT selling our pre-ordered (5-10k) omnis to chinese!!!!

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It's been long time since we ordered and it's been constantly pushed back. Now there is this news that says Chinese investors are buying 5-10k omnis. If it's gonna be pushed again then we can assume you are selling our pre ordered omnis to chinese!!


  • KijutsuKijutsu Posts: 85
    Like how Oculus ignored the pre-orders and sent 1000s of Rifts to retailers eh. I thought the same thing: "This is probably not a good news for little backstarter me."
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    I would be so angry. I've been waiting 3 years for the Omni, sat through every push back, delay, redesign, and promise to deliver this or next quarter, and I would be livid to learn that the chinese suddenly took priority. I honestly don't think they will do that but most companies follow the money. If there's another delay, but no real reason for it, we'll know why though.
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    Hi guys, the 5-10K Omnis mentioned as part of the joint venture with Hero Entertainment will not affect shipments to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. From the update:

    Our highest priority right now is to deliver our backlog of Omnis to you, which will happen in the next few months. Our recent business deals, on the other hand, set us up for long-term success and ensure that the Omni can earn its spot as a crucial component of the reborn virtual reality medium with excellent content for you to play. We thank you for your continued support.
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    @Jan. Hello Jan, nice to see you on the forum :)

    @Everyone. Come on guys... Virtuix would never do anything like that. The Chinese deal is mainly about strategic growth but the main innovation (games, hardware, development) is coming from the West. They compliment each other so it wouldn't make sense to alienate either markets. Hang in there--everyone should get their Omni by year-end.
  • KijutsuKijutsu Posts: 85
    @Sponge101 "Would never do that"? I would have said that about Oculus too a few months back. I can't wait to get my Omni and very proud to be an early backer, but that said Virtuix has given me nothing so far but vague emails. I mean, when is my Omni shipping? How much will it cost to ship? What content will be available to me and what company will back it?

    That said, so far, I do trust Jan and his team and remain cautiously optimistic with a pinch of pessimism.
  • dildil Posts: 11
    After your recent newsfeed now I am sure you guys selling our pre ordered omnis to Chinese. I thought I would receive my omni in 2015 (Nope) maybe 2016 (not yet) 2017!!! (Keep dreaming) baby.

    Why you guys always tells us one thing and change it?
  • XainXain Posts: 128
    Just take it this way, the reason they cannot ramp it up is because there is 54 a week being made for us and X a month being made for the Chinese. Which is ok, as that means they have the capacity and when the 5-10k Omnis for the Chinese production have been made then those factories will begin making them for us. The way I see it they plan on producing the 5-10k Omnis for the Chinese by the Chinese new year and will then be able to ramp it up once those are done. This could mean that by April 2017 all Omnis could be shipped.
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    Xain said:

    Just take it this way, the reason they cannot ramp it up is because there is 54 a week being made for us and X a month being made for the Chinese. Which is ok, as that means they have the capacity and when the 5-10k Omnis for the Chinese production have been made then those factories will begin making them for us. The way I see it they plan on producing the 5-10k Omnis for the Chinese by the Chinese new year and will then be able to ramp it up once those are done. This could mean that by April 2017 all Omnis could be shipped.

    lol 5-10k... They haven't even started sending them to backers yet and you are hopeful that most or all will be sent by April? If you read the news letter you'd know only 54 a week are being shipped and that means 216 a month to the US and there is 3,342 units to be made JUST for kickstarters not even touching pre-orders. I'm Backer 614 and I'll be getting mine likely around April. I'd love if it was sooner but it's not likely, I'm gonna have to wait a few more months sadly which means I can only begin to image the pain of pre-orders and other backers.
  • Guys, seriously, half of your complaints about Virtuix lying are over words you put into their mouths yourselves.
  • XainXain Posts: 128
    @DanteM Im assuming they are able to produce around 300 or more Omnis a week but only 54 are going to us while the other 246 are going to Chinese partners. Then as those finish shipping out to said partners they could be opening up more production lines as well as now directing that full 300 they are able to produce to backers and preorders. This is simply speculation of course as Im not even sure where the 5/10k number came from. Maybe I only skimmed the message but I was sure there were no hard numbers that their partners were getting first.
  • Jan said:

    Hey guys, that's correct, delivering to our Backers is our absolute priority!
    Best regards,

    Remember this lol
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    Jan maybe you can clarify.. does the biggest buyer get their omni's first? The omni investments or omni profits not enough? Your news letter really makes things look bad for everyone else who supported you from the beginning. I've bought several units hoping to use them for business and Develop games exclusive to work with the Omni.
  • 216 in a month i think a few friends and i could manage this in my garage. Well friends im out its been a good run but this is just to much.
  • edmgedmg Posts: 57
    At this point, the limiting factor is presumably QA at the US office, not production rates. I would assume the Chinese corporate buyers can do QA themselves and just return them to the factory if they have problems.
  • No the reality is the Kickstarters and pre orders funded this company and now we are being pushed to the back of the line. When they produce the Capital Investors products then hopefully they won't be broke by then and not deliver ours. My faith in this company and Jan's word is dying fast.
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    A company has to be on a pretty solid financial footing to stop taking orders and offer refunds for those whose products have been delayed. That's why I'm still confident that mine will turn up eventually.

    And I'd rather wait a few more months and get one that works for years than have to ship it back after a few months due to a QA problem. I'm somewhat glad that the Chniese will have a while to test them in the real world before mine ships.
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    either that or they have enough to clear a sizable chunk and call it a ball game, Company's do it all the time and after bankruptcy there is no refunds. Not saying that's what's gonna happen but don't count it out.
  • @Nossforra2 - dude, I saw this huge chunk of new posts in the forums, and I though there was actually something worth talking about, but apparently it's just you throwing a temper-tantrum all over the forums. Most of the people here actually have been reading the news letters and blog updates are not the least bit surprised at the production rate from Omni, so you're not going to suddenly convince enough people to stop believing in Virtuix for Jan to go "oh my gosh, we've got to appease this guy, or we'll be sunk"
    You're not a partner with Virtuix, you're probably not an investor (or you wouldn't be trying to screw up the company you invested in) and you obviously aren't a pathfinder, so why the heck are you planning things out like they are reporting to you? Do you go on Nintendo's forums and complain to them why they don't have enough NES Classic Editions?
  • Don't worry it will ship next month just like it did in 2013. Grey i think u Need to look back at all the blogs going back they all say the same thing. Either flat out lies or a scam at this point really look back at the posts please.
  • @Cidpliskit - Sure, but it's going to take some time to dredge through 2 years of backlogged posts so I'll probably get bored and quit. Are there any in particular you'd like to link to, since they are sticking in your mind so well?
  • GreeseMonkey3s post in kickstarter backers sums it up well. And with that im done posting sorry for the negativity. Ive asked for a refund no need to post anymore.
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Either flat out lies or a scam at this point

    Neither, I can assure you. Previous estimates have been overly optimistic but delivery is imminent, and a scam company wouldn't offer refunds. You can see the stack of Omnis in the latest newsletter update. As for the health of the company, part of the reason for having some units in arcades is to help sustain the company's operation through licensing fees.
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    Grey, belive it or not I love this product and like the company and the dream it represents. I love my children as well ,but if they lie to me over and over I'm going to call them out on it .As I've posted before you have your product as you deserve for having faith and means before us and you deserve that privilege but that doesn't mean the rest of us should sit here in silence and take it without complaint. The truth is I'm complaining to a group of fellow omni supporters that share my pain I'm voicing my complaints amongst Internet land friends. Who are also getting sick of the lies my friend regardless of the good intentions of them or quickly approaching the reality of them.
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    @Nosforra2 There is no denying that there have been broken promises when it comes to the delivery timeframe, but I wouldn't go so far as to conflate broken promises with lies, which carries a lot of negative association. I know Jan to be a very honest person, and in fact that goes for everyone I know at Virtuix. You make a great point, that it is painful not to have your Omni when you've been waiting so long. I remember having that pain before I received mine. Having an Omni brings a certain joy in itself - knowing you can just jump into a virtual world whenever you want. You are absolutely right, and I wouldn't try to discourage you from sharing that pain with the many others who are waiting with you. That's part of what this forum is about - building a community around the ups and downs of this product's development and use. All I would humbly ask is that you please not express grievances outside of the forum in a way that might tarnish people's view of the company and by extension, the product.

    You make a great analogy about calling out one's children when they do something wrong - I totally agree with that; but one shouldn't then besmirch a child's reputation by broadcasting their mistakes to the world - you want your children to have a chance to improve, to thrive and grow, and make a difference in the world, and that's what I want for this company and this product too. I ask everyone to please forgive the setbacks as much as they can, difficult as I know that must be.
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  • I can't edit it for 21 minutes to more properly reflect that statement it will be added it though
  • And for the record I have not one time said anything negative about this company outside of these forums
  • I apologize it would not allow me to edit it Sukib could you please delete that comment for me
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    @Nossforra2 - I have no doubt you like the product. I used to head the 2x2 Mod for Minecraft (most of the hard coding was done by Yofreke) and at least half my time went to just fielding various demands people wanted from the mod. I myself have been super critical of both TraVR Training Ops and Shadow Ops, as well as the Omni itself during my testing. The biggest fans aren't the ones who blindly accept whatever nonsense a company dumps on them, but the ones who force companies to improve and live up to their potential. But just as you shouldn't blindly accept crap, you also shouldn't blindly dump crap. It's not that I think there's something wrong with how you feel, but more that I genuinely believe that most of your concerns are either outdated or unfounded, and that if you'd take some time to explore the latest blog posts and not brush off people disagreeing with you as only trying to silence you or cover for Virtuix, you'd see that for yourself.

    I also apologize if I've come off too harsh on my responses. In the short time I've been here I have seen a number of people just dump all over multiple threads because they don't have an Omni unit already, and that was my initial impression. Despite that impression, I have been trying to provide actual information to point out the sources of your concerns as well as sources to demonstrate that those concerns are being addressed.
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