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Anyone else a long time lurker like me who finally put in their pre-order before the price increase?


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    Welcome to the forum @adalos. Good timing! As they say, better late than tomorrow ;)
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  • I just ordered one... I don't have my VR computer built, I haven't purchased a VR headset yet... twist my arm why don't you :neutral::smile::neutral::smile:
  • @MrHmYesQuite - Hey, you'll still have plenty of time before your preorder actually ships to get all the necessary pieces

    heck, you should even have time to get a proper group consensus as to whether Oculus Touch is better than Vive or not.
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    I'm in the same boat. I only have the Gear VR for my cell phone, and obviously don't plan on using that for PC gaming. I figure it's going to be a good 6-9 months, if not more, before I have any hope of receiving the Omni so I have a lot of time to figure out my long term game plan. It's almost an advantage in a sense since there just isn't much Omni + _____ user experience feedback yet.
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    Normally i never do anything today that i can put off doing tomorrow. :p The Omni was a rare case.
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    Let me try and make a case for what is and what could be as far the Oculus vs. HTC Vive situation.

    The HTC Vive is an excellent product with MANY features, including great controllers, great tracking via multiple "lighthouses" and a huge library of games.
    The Oculus Rift is an excellent product with many features, MANY upcoming features, great tracking currently using one camera, and a huge library of games in its own right, and then what is essentially the entire library of Vive games with the exception of "Room Scale."

    Oculus has upcoming touch controllers that have been described as significantly more tactile than the Vive controllers. Oculus has a superior headset, being lighter and using more advanced lenses. Many people describe the Oculus Rift as what they wish the Vive headset was like, so already we know the headset is likely superior, but at the risk of sounding like a fanboi(what risk, that's out a year ago), when the new trackers come out and the new controllers come out, as far as superiority goes, goodnight Vive. Its that simple until they release some upgrades of their own. I would like to think both will be comparable for the foreseeable future, however. Meanwhile, get ready for the PS4's shoehorning of a VR headset into their console.
  • One thing that was noted about the Oculus is that its sensors are visual in nature, so it's sensitivity to movement is going to be limited to the DPI of the camera. The lighthouse sensors use some sort of laser system being bounced around the room, so it doesn't necessarily even have a limit on its sensitivity.
    The Oculus usually does get better marks for being more comfortable, and the touch controllers look to have better interaction, but the question is if those advantages outweigh the Vive's sensitivity and Steam library/sale support.

    One thing that is obvious, if you're using the Omni, the Vive's room scale becomes completely superfluous, and the Oculus cameras can be positioned around the Omni for optimum sensitivity.
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    @gleamingsands The Vive and Rift lenses are very simile. There both custom Fresnel lenses. Both headsets are virtually identical with the Rift coming out slightly ahead with comfort and ease-of use. After all Oculus completely copied the Valve prototypes.( :) sorry but its true)

    Adding more tracking cameras to your Rift setup will do a few thing. It will decrease the chance of occlusion and it will increase the number of, very long, USB cables you will need. Also if you want to do room scale you will need to buy a 3rd camera which will bring your Rift set up to 80$ more than the Vive. So much for the 400$ ballpark. What adding more cameras will NOT do is increase the accuracy of tracked objects. I also question how many objects the Constellation system can track before the CPU load becomes a concern. They always said CPU was not an issue but that was with a single camera and single tracked object. I have yet to read anything from Oculus about the CPU usage with multiple cameras and multiple tracked objects. I would be willing to be its not a linear increase as there is likely overhead combining the data from multiple cameras.

    Now lighthouse tracking is just as accurate, can track any number of devices as its simply math to triangulate the objects positions based on the sensor data. Not only can you track multiple objects but because the lighthouse sensors are dumb you can track multiple objects on completely separate systems. This actually fits in perfect with the Omni.

    UNIS’s elaborate five-Omni setup used only two HTC Vive base stations to optically track five Vive HMD systems.

    I am not even sure you can have more than one constellation system tracking the same area, it might just get confused. If it does work I bet the CPU goes up yet again as each system needs to filter out the objects its not interested in.

    I am by no means saying the Vive is perfect. The controllers are in ergonomics. Though i am not concerned about this as Valve has recently opened up the lighthouse hardware spec to just about anyone. So I would be willing to bet that we will be seeing a plethora of third party controllers come out. including half-moon clones. Is Oculus still doing that? It would be a smart move on there part. My controllers also get occluded on occasion. I would be more than happy buying more lighthouses to decrease occlusion, Valve said it was possible they just need to implement it.

    @GreyAcumen currently the lighthouses size limitations is with the bright flash between the laser sweeps that syncs the time. they are currently only bright enough to 5 to 10 meters. That is the real limitation. After long enough I suppose the laser would start to disperse and become wider decreasing the accuracy but i would be willing to be that is a rather far distance.

    Now what does all this mean?? Nothing, not a god damn thing. You have a Rift, I have a Vive and I would be willing to bet we both have fun in VR. And as @GreyAcumen said most of this os moot once we get our Omni's
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    Also @gleamingsands the entire VR industry is currently shoehorning there VR product into something. Most are trying to cram there **** into the PC as that is the most open and easiest to work with. Others are working with phones. I think Cormack had the biggest challenge. I would also be willing to bet that by the end of the year PSVR will outsell the Rift and the Vive combined. They already have 40 million people with the ability to use PSVR. Even if you include the price of the PS4 that's about as much as what the Rift and Vive cost and there is no need to buy a thousand dollar PC.

  • @xxaan5 - I think the most appealing aspect of the PSVR to me, is that my parents have a TV with PiP display. At least in theory, the PSVR would be able to display the main game to the VR headset, and then the TV could be used for a movie or a show in the meantime, with just a small display in the corner of the main TV display for those specific cases where the headset isn't displaying the info needed. If PS4 manages to get a moddable AND VR skyrim, that will basically guarantee that my dad gets a PS4 Pro. I really hope that AltspaceVR gets PSVR support, as that would let the two of us (3 if I get the Vive and donate my Rift to my sister) all playing together even if we move to different areas where it becomes inconvenient to see each other physically.
  • I guess I'm a stranger in a strange land.
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    For me, the solution is much cleaner as I don't care about room scale and want to VR solely in an Omni treadmill type of scenario. So for me it will come down to which headset does this better.
  • I guess I'm a stranger in a strange land.

    Are you saying you aren't interested in PSVR then? I don't see why it's that weird, but it is amazingly cheap. $300 for a PS4 and $400-$500 for the VR, so instead of $800 for JUST the HMD, you can afford the entire rig for $100 less.
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