List Of Compatible Gear VR Games

Since the Omni just started shipping where can we find a list of compatible games?


  • wellVRsedwellVRsed Posts: 2
    I haven't found a list, but here are a few I've tried to date:
    -AltspaceVR (frisbee golf game, etc.)
    -Disc League
  • Here's a list of Gear VR games I've played and enjoyed with the Omni:

    • AFFECTED – The Manor
    • Dreadhalls
    • The Harbinger Trial
    • Minecraft Gear VR Edition
    • Neverout
    • Jump
    • AltspaceVR

    When playing these games, the tracking sensitivity may need to be adjusted to suit the game being played. This can be done from the advanced menu of Omni Connect.

    I'll have to try out Disc League next!
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