A realistic timeline? With a little history ;)

Hidy ho!
I have decided to finally post after being told one too many "not truths". Interpret this how you want, I just want to share my experience of this product with others!

DATE (my thoughts) Their posts!

The attached pdf is for june 2015 - today!

11-3-13 (you guys didn't claim it would be ready then but you hinted at it) Our manufacturing partners have given us an estimated March/April target for the shipment of your Omnis. We know this is never the news that backers want to hear, and we apologize for this delay. Rest assured that the extra time will be used to provide you with the best possible Omni experience. We will keep you up to date with regular production news as we complete each step in the process.
3-19-14 (adding bluetooth. You set a date and surprise surprise, it didn't happen) A result of this decision, however, is that our delivery schedule is slightly pushed back. We now plan to ship the first units in July of this year.
5-30-14 (height adjustment ring. WOAH wait another push back and crushed dreams?!?) We regret this hiccup will push our production and delivery schedule to later this summer (end of Q3 / early Q4). We will be sure to keep everyone closely updated.
8-29-14 (The first production update that says things are on track?!? That means we might actually get them this year!) Our production remains on target to start in Q4 of this year, with the exact date depending on our tooling progress. Part of our team was in China last week to meet with our manufacturing design team and confirm that all is on track.
9-30-14 (ON TARGET!!!! Wow I am so happy that they really stepped it up!) We remain on target to manufacture our first production-level Omnis in this coming quarter. After months of engineering, designing and fine-tuning, we are now in the final stretch towards making the Omni a reality. The final Omni design is elegant yet badass and is meant to exceed your expectations. In the next few months, we will be revealing the final components of the Omni experience, including the updated belt and rack, new technological capabilities, fresh demo games, additional accessories, and more.

(Ok so I am like backer 1900 ish, I can totally wait until Q1 2015 or even Q2 of 2015! I'm sure glad I waited this extra time cause it seems like they are really putting in a lot of work!) While the initial manufacturing is on target to start this quarter, ramping up production to manufacture the Omni for more than 3,000 Kickstarter backers takes time and will spill over into Q1 of 2015. Depending on the timing of your pledge and your geographic location, the actual delivery of your order will likely not take place until Q1 of 2015. Please keep this in mind as we approach the year’s end and as anticipation builds for the delivery of your Omni. We will speed up production as fast as possible, but do not want to rush through any of this process as it could generate risk and, potentially, product defaults as a result.

10-31-14 (OMG OMG OMG I can't believe this is actually going to happen!) Our production remains on track. Part of our team was in China this month to inspect our first production-level Omni, which is looking stunning. We are keeping the final design under wrap until our big reveal at CES in January, where the Omni will be showcased in our booth and in the booths of various partners at the show.

12-1-14 (Still on time and new accessories! I regret ever thinking badly of them!) We remain on track to show the production-level Omni for the first time publicly at CES on January 6 and ramp up our production in the first quarter of 2015. Not only is our main Omni unit ready for prime time, but also accessories like the included Omni Harness and the optional Omni Rack are ready to be unveiled.

1-6-15 (NOT ABOUT PRODUCTION. Wow they sure are raising a lot of money. What are we at like $6-7 million or something? I bet they are putting it towards production and quality testing!) We raised an additional $2.7 million in investment funds in December from investors including Radical Investments, Scout Ventures, Scentan Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, 2020 Ventures, and private investors. Bringing hardware products to market and scaling operations is capital-intensive. The new funds will support our operations, fund working capital, and help us accelerate research and development around the full virtual reality experience. Our mission is to take VR beyond the chair, and these funds will help us accomplish that mission beyond our upcoming commercial launch.

2-1-15 (Ohhh, several more months...... Hmmm well it has almost been 2 years and I guess they were a little jumpy with the first shipping dates. Anyways, the next shipping date will be about MY ORDER!!!! Only a few more months and I will have this awesomeness!!! Christmas here I come!) We are currently focused on setting up our supply chain and ensuring the quality of each Omni that we ship. Quality is our team’s key word of this quarter. Producing 4,000 orders and ramping up manufacturing while maintaining quality will take several months. To manage your expectations appropriately: this means that the delivery of your Omni is likely still several months away. We are working with our manufacturing partners to put together an accurate production schedule. We will communicate this schedule to you as soon as available, so that you know exactly when to expect your Omni. Any next shipping date you receive from us will be for your specific order!

3-2-15 (yea for more progress! Ok accurate production schedule again! Boy this schedule they talk about is gonna be so accurate! I can't wait to get my update!) We made great progress this past month and incorporated design improvements based on your feedback discussed in our previous update. The strut bases now provide sufficient clearance for tall users to walk and run on the Omni, and we optimized the sizing and ergonomics of our harness design based on extensive user testing. Now that Chinese New Year is behind us, we anticipate to have tooling underway this month. We will distribute an accurate production schedule as soon as available. Thank you Backers for bearing with us!

3-31-15 (Ok several more months.... So that Q1/Q2 projection isn't going to happen, but hey I will get a SUPER accurate production schedule! I mean they keep talking about it so it must happen....) This process is the most time consuming part of our production set-up and will take several months to complete. Please bear with us while we put together an accurate production schedule. We are not quite ready yet to announce when we will begin our initial shipments, as we are determined not to compromise quality by rushing the assembly.

6-1-15 (hmmmm "wish you could commit to a launch date"? I thought the Q1/Q2 2015 projection was what you said in September of 2014.....) Our production setup remains on a steady track. The mold for the Omni base, the Omni’s largest injection mold, is being finalized this month together with the step-up deck. We are still working through the remaining components and have been expanding our supply chain team to oversee this process (we now have a staff of seven full-time team members in our office in Zhuhai). Backers, we’re getting ever closer and we appreciate your continued patience. We wish we could commit to a launch date, but we absolutely must not rush this process, as we want you to have the best locomotion input device possible.


Thanks for reading everyone! My goal of this post was to try to get some actual dates instead of the crap that they have been saying. They are PROS at changing dates and distracting us with the awesome updates of people playing the omni, the new games for the omni, and HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE MADE! Boy I am so happy for them. I just want my fu*king omni on the date that you tell me :wink:


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    Hi Greesemonkey3,

    I understand your frustration, and your report above is indeed accurate and certainly embarrassing for us (and for me personally). We have missed all our previous deadlines and time estimates, and our community has been waiting endlessly for the Omni. We can only blame ourselves. That said, we are currently shipping and delivering units, albeit at a slow pace. We are hesitant to provide any more delivery estimates, given our poor track record of achieving those. However, we are well capitalized and will fulfill our backlog as soon as we can without jeopardizing quality. Our production is now ongoing and continuous. Please bear with us while we work through our large order backlog. We will keep you posted along the way. And I hope you accept my apology that it's been a very long way, riddled with challenges and delays. Thank you for your support.

    Best regards,

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    It is perfectly fair and reasonable to feel this way @Greesemonkey3 and as a moderator who values everyone who shares their passion for virtual reality on these boards I respect the time you put into that compilation. There's no easy way to manage expectations for a product that is crowdfunded. Some Kickstarter projects say nothing specific about delivery because there are too many uncertainties for reliable prediction. That is worrisome for backers. Some give regular updates following the ups and downs of product development. This keeps backers more in the loop, but at times gives rise to hope, and at other times dashes that hope. That is frustrating for backers. I have sympathy for Jan as much as everyone who's still waiting to receive their Omni. I can tell you there's been no deliberate attempt to make it sound as though the Omni will arrive sooner than was believed to be achievable. It's an ambitious and complex product, of a kind that has never been made before, and there have been plenty of turns to make and obstacles to overcome along the way. I know enough to say that the challenges of developing the Omni could easily fill a book or two.

    It has been worth the effort though. I am very happy with my (slightly rough around the edges) beta unit, and I'm sure you'll love the very polished device that has come out of these years of hard work by the team. Some magical things will happen with these units, I'm sure! Unfortunately it seems that more patience is required - everyone wishes this weren't the case, but to stay positive we are still looking at a successful (albeit delayed) project, one that I have no regrets backing and am still proud to be associated with. I look forward to seeing this community get to a point where everyone has either received their unit, or a refund if their circumstances have changed. I'll add my appreciation to Jan's - thank you everyone for being so patient in the face of these delays, and for making moderation of these boards such a pleasure.
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  • Thank you for your response Jan! I appreciate you taking the time to respond and give a real answer! I may have gone a little overboard with my reactions but I just wanted to point out the ups and downs of this journey. I know y'all are trying to deliver a fantastic product and I have no doubt that it will be just that! It sounds like I just need to wait my turn and hope that everything on y'alls end continues to go smoothly. Thank you again for creating such an awesome product! Good luck :smiley:
  • The only thing that Jan and Virtuix are responsible for is holding a carrot out in front of us and leading us to the watering hole. The product would have been a nice gimmick in the early VR environment, but I would liken it to an individual peaking in highschool, or getting that $20.00 an hour the first time they applied for a vocation and then sticking with it forever instead of growing with the times. The surrounding VR environment is now richly competitive, and I can't wait to see what something like Virtuix can do when people are clamoring and VR is at the peak of its early term popularity.

    Can you imagine a DK2 Oculus and the Omni as a selling point? Or a movement scheme still reliant on camera technology to track movement? We're lucky, Jan knew better than to cash out early and has now built something that might actually stand the test of time instead of fading into the background with so much other ground breaking technology. Remember the Power Glove? Amazing concept, terrible execution.
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    i agree @gleamingsands Jan and Virtuix are playing the long game. Means we have had to wait but it will be far better for both the customers and for Virtuix as a company .
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    The powerglove is an excellent example @gleamingsands. Had it come out a year later, it could have been a huge success; but there was no content and it became a flop instead. You're also spot on about the tracking technology. Imagine the media dissecting everything about the 'Omni experience' and talking about the inherent problems of the optical or capacitive tracking system, or the comfort, the lack of native content, or any of the other things which have since been improved. I want the Omni to impress, and rushing it out would have been a mistake.
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    Honestly I didn't care that it kept missing dates because there was no VR headset on the market; yes there were dev kits; no those do not count. Hell I expected to get this thing and have it sit in storage gaining dust until the elusive Rift finally released. Fast forward to Late Q1/Early Q2 2016 and we have not one but two major VR headsets released and I actually own one of them!
    The only thing I want are actual numbers. Give me exactly how many Omni orders there are total, kickstarter and all then tell me how many have shipped thus far and ship every month and I will be happy and not complain one bit. I want real numbers so I don't have an expectation formed from my guesses; which are currently December of this year from what you guys have said about shipping and my order number.

    The only reason I bought into the idea of VR Headsets was because of the Omni, when I looked at the Rift I thought, 'Cute; but if I can't run around on my own legs in Elder Scrolls then this is useless to me.' Although with me owning a Vive roomscale is pretty damn cool. Still not at the level I want though. Vive, Vorpx and Omni. This is the triumvirate of VR that I've been waiting for since I was swimming in daddy's sack.
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