Jan, ben en je nou helemaal gek geworden!!!

We apologize for the long wait. We appreciate your support and understand if your circumstances have changed. If the delay in receiving your Omni unit is causing you any concern or inconvenience whatsoever, please contact us to arrange a refund. :-(


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    Sorry but why has Jan gone mad? Because he apologized and offered to refund someones money if they are truly not happy? that just sounds like good business to me.
  • We don't need to share the same opinions. for my has gone mad.
  • @deiby3D - Jan is entirely rational. People might have legitimate reasons for no longer wanting an Omni. They might not have room for it anymore. Why would Jan waste their limited supply of Omnis on people who wont appreciate them?
    This way more Omnis are available for the people who will enjoy them.
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    @GreyAcumen - He knows better than anyone that this project has gone out of control (nothing personal).
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    Hi Deiby3D,

    I understand your frustration and concerns. However, our project is very much under control. We are well capitalized and have an ongoing production line to ship out our backlog. The main challenge is quality control, which has slowed down our throughput at the moment. We do not want to ship out any defected units, as that would destroy everything we have worked for in these past three years. We also want to make sure everyone knows that we issue refunds upon request. We understand if situations change or customers no longer want to wait, in which case we are happy to refund the order and avoid an angry customer.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,
  • @admin - I just hope not to die before receiving! Please close this topic or remove it. (Jan, ben (en) je nou helemaal gek geworden!
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