Vive wireless accessory

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Holly ****!.

I would, and have, argued to the death that we would never see a wireless option for a top-of-the-line HMD until well after the second generation of HMD's, and yet there it is. So color me impressed!

Still no details on the specs, such as if it transmits at 90FPS. Though the fact that HTC is endorsing it looks promising.

Update: Good reddit link with details.

If those stats are true this will be a game changer!


  • I did say this was closer than we thought.... Now, just eye tracking, and resolution to get... and even these had updates today - big leaps. Only downside to this wireless unit is only 1.5 hours of battery, but bigger ones to come.
  • interesting. Yet another piece of VR tech that will need to be rigorously vetted before I'm willing to believe in the hype though, but as said IF TRUE, then it could very well decide my purchase. Then again, I don't really see much reason why it would ONLY work with the Vive, either.

    Of course I'm going to be SUPER annoyed if I order one of these just in time to be told that someone else is putting out a wired headset that supports 4k resolution.
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    Ya i am definitely going to wait for some independent reviews before buying one of these. Though the fact that this is being endorsed by HTC is very promising. I would really hope that HTC would not endorse something like this if it did not actually work well. I would assume that this would work with any HMD, as its just transiting USB and HDMI signals. If this only supports the Vive than I would be willing to bet that its only because of some arbitrary imposed limit do to some business deal in the hopes if making the Vive more appealing than the Rift. . Hopefully that is not the case.

    I really don't think we will see 4K HMD's out for some time. Not until eye tracking with foviated rendering also get implemented, presuming that works as well as people say/hope it will work. The main reason being that the requirements for 4K are just two high on the PC side. Then again I have been known to be wrong :p
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    Wow TPCast claims that the device adds less than 2ms of latency

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    shame it's ONLY for sale in China currently and no ETA when the rest of the world will see it.
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    Ya that does suck, im wondering if there waiting on certifications to sell it in other countries.
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