Omni demo at Pax Aus 2016

G'day m8's,
I was fortunate enough to get a shot on the Omni at PAX AUS this year and filmed mine and another dudes' first impressions.
(Quality warning: I aint no journalist or cameraman, as you'll see in the vid)

Omni segments on video (00:25 - 01:59) and 03:53 - 05:13)

ps @sutekiB @NobleBrutus @GreyAcumen We should do another altspace hangout sometime - last time was LIT!


  • Okay, I hadn't responded to you before since I couldn't be certain of my connection while using the Omni for the past several months. This Christmas, not only did I get a Vive, but I also got a powerline adapter, which has completely negated my past bluetooth issues. I'll still need about a week to determine where I'll have room to set up my Vive for normal room-scale use, but once I do, I should be great for doing another altspace hangout. There are a lot of new apps in altspace now, which should help mix things up.
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