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  • XainXain Posts: 128
    Then perhaps you should have used the email that backed it from the start? I mean come on bro. Any Joe off the street can email Virtuix and say, 'Hey, I ordered an Omni using a different email, can you refund me to this paypal?' and if your friend decided to not accept the refund then... yes, Virtuix will probably keep it as its not like they can forcibly shove money down his throat.
  • MeyhemikMeyhemik Posts: 8
    The decision to use a new email address was to save our primary accounts being spammed by morons.... victimization is a reality in cases lkke this.

    @Xain. You ended your post 2 days ago in such a way that left me thinking that even US backers were siding with int. purchasers.
    Congratulations on turning that around swiftly.

    @Virtuix. Email will be sent off this evening... is it as easy to pull out out of the seedinvest as well... I for one, take a deal of pride in supporting those who care for their mates ... all aussies do.... you... you do not and as a result I wish to withdraw completely.... not willling to lose THAT money too, if you treat people who back you this way... small "mum n dad" Investers like me will surely next...

    Your hopes of gaining the trust and respect of the international community is going to be a hard slog.... esp. if this is the starting foot.

  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    admin said:

    Hi MarkH, I understand your frustration. We regret that we need to take this difficult step, but this is necessary for us to survive as a company. This has nothing to do with us having a partner in China, but with the unfortunate fact that shipping and supporting a product like the Omni all over the world has proven to be unrealistic for a small startup like us. We are very sorry about this.

    But you also cut off US customers now as well. It seems you're doing the job of killing your company yourselves. Offering tiered support plans at a cost would have made you enough money to cover any expenses including hiring staff to support those claims. I know this is all water under the bridge but I'm your ideal consumer. I learned about the Omni not because I was a forum visitor or an avid VR gamer, I learned about it from a feed in my Flipbook. I'm also a life long gamer, but not a millennial. I am relatively secure in my finances having a great job, a nice house, etc. There are a lot of "Me" out there that are looking to add something new to their game room/ recreation area. We have Pinball machines, ping pong, pool table, large home theater etc. If those industries can survive shipping large objects all over the globe, especially the pinball makers who's companies are smaller than yours! Virtuapin in literally about 5 people and they ship all over the world and support all their VirtualPins.

    In seeing the way that all these people that helped fund your company where treated, with not even future assurance of receiving product I have to say I'm not buying it at all. You're basically alienating everyone! Don't you realize that every single person you burned is going to make it their mission to crucify your company at every opportunity they get? Being a business owner myself I have to say the headache of supporting global break/fix of the Omni is going to look like a blessing compared to the irreparable damage you've done to your companies image. So that is why I'm not buying the support angle. Either you went with an irresistible offer from a larger buyer of exclusivity or you've gone insane. I don't think its the latter.
  • I am a US pre order and have 4 years waiting, can you please ship my omni? I have been loyal to your vision and company and is only fair that we receive our unit.

    Now you guys are not even answering our requests for status of delivery, but we keep looking at news how you deliver to commercial venues such as arcade companies even though we paid 4 YEARS BEFORE THEM!!! is this even ethical and legal?
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