Do you work in conjunction with other companies and / or companies?

Not only those who perform helmets for virtual reality, but those that are dedicated to the other fields of the RV, such as NeuroDigital Technologies or Vivoxie, Teslasuit, FEELREAL VR, among others.
And if that is so, would you receive financial support and publicity as part of the help and collaboration you provide and vice versa?
In addition, companies like NeuroDigital not only focused on their haptic gloves for video games, but for other things, taking them to different venues and events of all kinds, such as when they went to where the company was Vodafone or Princeton Envision event held by Princeton University, to test them and give their opinion and advice to make it a better product. You could do the same, even though your main focus is for video games.
That would help a lot to improve and correct problems and errors in producing your Omni product in the future, although I say that the road will be rough and difficult, nothing beautiful. But when it comes to truth, it will be worth it.
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