WOO- It's getting kind of Steamy in here. What can US Backers and Pre-Orders Expect?

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With Jan and friends change in policy this week, Virtuix, previously predisposed to ship probably over 2,000 Omni's internationally, it's clear that they've:

A: Cut their bottom line down some what, probably looks much closer to black now that they've cut down on shipping commitments.
B: Severed the need to establish any international servicing locations for the Omni or related products.
C: Cleared up the shipping queue for thousands of others.

What does this mean for US buyers? Clear and simple, we get our Omnis sooner. With the queue now clear, US purchasers are likely to see their products arrive earlier in what would have been the line up. This could be a net positive for those of us lucky enough to live in the US, as we do tend to receive priority for international shipping and commerce ventures. I wouldn't be staking any bets on this however.

I understand what is happening. Letting loose of thousands of commitments is incredibly freeing for a company of this size, and given the recent inflow of direct capital from Hero, or what I presume to be inflow of direct capital, I know that from my experience with the Chinese is if they have a working business relationship with you, they will tend to give you all the money you need to get what you need done and maintain business as usual. What has happened here? It's very simple.

A Chinese company, an "angel investor" if you want to have some fun with it, has levied pressure AND at the same time given the company an excuse a way out of commitment that is holding them back. Now, to be clear, I'm not accusing Virtuix of anything. This is business. Money HAS to be made. There are jobs at stake here, as well as thousands of hours of product development. Hero simply found a way to exploit a finished product. Genius. Smart move. The Chinese are anything but stupid.

The consumer is just a caveat on the way to money. Something you have to pivot on in order to convert your energy to capital. You want to know what I think? Jan is a smart man who's going to make a lot of money on this, and he's employed quite a few people along the way. I think he cares about the people who purchased his product initially, possibly an emotional investment in people he knows are relying on his team.

What is going to happen to the US orders? I don't know. It was suggested that the US purchasers may opt out as well. It was also suggested that it would be a legal nightmare to attempt to force refunds on US purchasers. I doubt it. I think it's been looked at extensively. I think they know a way out. Choosing it? That's a matter of faith in your PR guys.


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    Terrible thing to say but in all honesty ... I'm kind of hoping this new information gets me my Omni faster. US backer #614 I sure wish I could find out how many Backers before me are in the US so I knew where in line I was actually standing and thus better guess my ETA :P
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