Thank you Virtuix - can't wait for the dream product you guys are making!!!

Hey Virtuix,

I just want to say Thank you Virtuix for being a standup company!!!!!

I have followed you guys for awhile (all the way back to kickstarter - didnt buy then bc I was too poor :neutral: ) but I am #1500ish :smile:

You guys have had alot of ups and downs but in the end you have treated this community right (even with the unfortunate cancelling of non US preorders you are still providing refunds)
I was very close to backing Cyberith and couldnt be more glad I chose the Omni - as Cyberith did not offer any refunds to people, and only allowed the initial preorder payments to go towards the final product that they were now selling for $6000 - essentially crushing the dreams and screwing all the backers and early supportes out of their money and dream product.

I understand how frustrating it must be for anyone who is a non-US backer to lose the pre-order and availabilty to get the product in the near furture, especially after such a long wait (I know I would be frustrated, crushed and a bit pissed). But we have to keep in mind that the guys who created this company left their 9-5s and entered a realm of complete uncertanity in something they have never experienced before, literally running their own company. While things have not been entirely smooth (which is expected anytime you try something entirely new) - Virtuix has treated us as a community right (because full refunds are offered and status updates are now provided monthly - love the updates BTW, helps the wait alot!). I hope all the international backers/people who are interesed in the product are not turned off, as logistics can sometimes be a huge bear/pain in the ass, also I'm sure at some point once they get rolling in the US they will come back to other countries so we can all run in some furture VR MMO together!!!

Overall, you guys have handled everything with a sense of care and professionalism that I appreciate - and with the production facility built, and producing units you guys have done it, you are spreading all of our dreams of full VR to more and more people each month!!!! (I am extremely Jealous and envy all those people haha :smiley:). I also think it was a great idea/move to stop orders for a bit so you can catch up on the backlog - dont want too many impatient angry people :smiley: )

Words cannont discribe how excited I am for this next generation of in home virtual reality that we have all dreamed about since we are kids - thank you for being a huge part of that community!! (I cant wait to get my unit and start getting a workout while nerding out :smiley: )


Mark McDonald

PS: I hope this VR trend continues to explode - and hopefully one day you guys are (and i think you will be) at the forfront of VR and the millions of possibilities that movement provides!!!


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    Cyberith did not offer any refunds to people, and only allowed the initial preorder payments to go towards the final product that they were now selling for $6000

    Now *THAT* deserves all the nasty comments and hate people have been sending Jan and Virtuix's teams way. That is just despicable.
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    Thank you @whopperman88, and welcome to the forum!
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    ^.^ good stuff mate. Virtuix is a great company and they are really are trying to do their best by the consumer and for the VR community as a whole. I've followed them since Day one of the kickstarter and it's a rough ride but it's almost payday so to say and will all be worth it in the end.
  • At this point I understand the anger and disappointment, but I agree virtuix is trying to do right as best they can by their backers. And a refund is better than a lot of Kickstarter get. To be honest I don't anticipate anyone receiving a consumer Omni, but still think virtuix will bring one 2 Market. I will still support the dream even then Jan
  • I still have several questions that remain unconfirmed about how Virtuix will be pushing the Omni forward. As my understanding currently stands, I am left completely doubtful of Omni's ability to succeed and/or contribute to the advance of VR in any meaningful manner.
    That said, however badly or ineptly Virtuix may be handling these matters, I do still believe their intentions are genuine.
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    I am sure(well i hope) once they have handled all the refund requests we will hear something from them.
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    Well, I dodged a buller there. Glad I went Omni as well but if we're being honest theres two big reasons why I chose the Omni over the Virtualizers. First Jan was right to keep the Omni as simple as possible without many moving parts and second the creator who made the early youtube videos is cringe as ****.
  • Would like to agree here, but I can't -as I am not in the USA, or China, I won't be getting mine anytime in the foreseeable future. I have asked for a refund, and it looks like it will be honored. I think in about 5 years when this fiasco has finally abated, China's Arcades have been populated, that these units (which lets face it are the equivalent of the Oculus DK1) will be old technology and outdated. I don't think that there will be a DK2 version in those years, since Hero Entertainment (who now basically "own" Virtuix) won't want to put money into R&D. I dont forsee any viable domestic version in the near/intermediate future, so I'm out... I don't wish the company any bad will at all, but I do think that they are going to get a LOT more.
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