Conference Suggestions for Backers still hanging in there..

I've pretty much given up on this Kick-started product, I haven't asked for a refund, but as far as I'm concern watching the tea kettle waiting for the water to bubble is over.. Its now one of those long-term investments, that hopefully my kids can enjoy when I'm gone.. Lol (Just kidding)

Being one of the 3429 backers, I'd like to suggest for Virtuix to allow Backers who show up to conferences wearing their backer T-shirts, get a priority pass to check out the Omni.. seeing that we still wont receive the product until sometime in 2017, hoping they don't cancel the US orders, following the last cancellations in the backer update.

Getting to use the Omini at conference would at least make a guy/gal feel like he didn't pay $800 for t-shirt, with the Omni logo on it..

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