• I still feel like Omni is the Better product but dammit if I'm not envious.
  • I'm disappointed that he didn't try REALLY crouching or jumping, but this single video still looks FAR better than anything I've seen from katVR before. I'd like to know how tall he is and how much he weighs, and I'd also like to see how the KatVR looks with the Hammock Seat accessory that they added to their design, specifically how it holds up under the strain of someone just resting their full weight in the hammock.

    The fact that KatVR is already shipping in China already, has a better range of motion, and (at least from this video) seems to be responding well to the physical movements it undergoes is making me wonder if I'll be sticking with Virtuix after all. My only major concern is if my current room can handle the height requirements. (and if KatVR is ever going to ship to the US) I'm definitely going to be following their progress more closely from now on. I definitely will be keeping the Box for my Omni.

    If Virtuix doesn't get on the ball fast in terms of direct consumer support, this is going to be a clear alternative.
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    We need to see if THEY will ship to international customers.

    Although the Omni is a base-up treadmill, and therefore more compact, The Kat VR Top down treadmill has a huge stability advantage. Wireless is just around the corner, so wires wrapping around it will not be an issue - well, not for much longer.
    The movement range seems to be better and the guy has a more natural gait. I would love to see if he was as confident running in a headset. It is also much easier to get into and out of than the Omni.
    Would love to see a full demonstration of games being played using ALL of the modes (Walking, Running, Jumping, Crouching, but especially Sitting - and how comfortable it is (over long periods))

    The Kat VR unit height will be an issue for me, as my ceilings are only 8 feet - I'm 5'10" and along with the base height, top spring height, and jumping clearance and head clearance, it might be over that. Might need some ceiling alterations!
  • @Wilfman - You can run just as naturally in the Omni. That's why my main focus was on how well crouching and jumping would work. It looks like it should work better, but I'm not 100% convinced yet. From what I understand, 8 feet should be enough to cover the max clearance, and even if not, the last foot or so of height would only need a hole cut out for that support post to fit into.
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    It needs 9 feet of clearance. So yeah, in most USA households, there would be some hole saw sales along with it.
    That looks pretty good.

    I have to say, I do like the chair option too...
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    its kickstarter ended Aug 22 2015 and its shipping already. damn impressive
  • 9 feet? I have a large home and my ceilings are 9 feet. So no way I can get a KAT, what where they thinking? Obviously only for arcades is what they were thinking. They duped several thousand backers to finance them and then announced they are only supporting arcades in China. Most homes in China have even lower ceilings, so its obvious they were targeting arcades from day one. Very dishonest.
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    maybe the international people can get some thing with kat
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    Hi Jenssons, I'm having the same problem with getting Vivecraft to run. I get the "(unresponsive) javaw.exe" error you mentioned. And I believe you found a tutorial that helped you. Can you point me to it?

    I got a Katwalk VR recently and Vivecraft supports it, so I really want to make it work.
    Thank you again.
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    How is it? I want to know more about Kat since I'm kinda stuck waiting for my Omni still
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    Hi, I just got my "Kat". And only today I got 'Vivecraft' to load. So, @Jenssons , I got it, thanks. It turned out that reason I was getting the error was that it was 'waiting' for the "Katwalk VR ODT' signals, but that wasn't working. I just got it to send stable signals now, and Now 'Vivecraft' loads. But, unfortunately, the locomotion inputs aren't being captured/detected by 'Vivecraft'. So I'm asking for help at their Forums.

    Also, as for the other supported 'Katwalk VR ODT' games, I have to wait to register with their company website first. Unfortunately, our time-zones are about 10hrs apart. lol
    Thus I haven't played anything on it yet, but I just put it together yesterday, so ... lol
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    I still feel like Omni is the Better product but dammit if I'm not envious.

    LOL how do you think Omni is the better product, curious.
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